Thursday, June 16, 2016

How to Cover "Toothy" Headband

Headdresses are usually tied on with a ribbon, but I actually prefer to have them on a headband; it helps them stay on more easily without pins in my opinion.

Brand headbands tend to be completely covered with fabric, but I like the type of headband that has teeth on the underside to help with griping, as my hair is rather slippery.  Recently I made the above canotier style headdress on a toothy headband.  Though it was in a coordinating pink color, I covered the top side with lace and took photos along the way!

-toothy headband
-lace of your choice


1) Finish the end of your lace to prevent unraveling and to keep the end neat.  Roll the end to cover the raw edge.  Because I am using a ladder lace, I matched up the openings, which is why I have a large overlap.  It doesn't need to be this much!

2) Insert one end of the headband into the little pocket you just made and stitch around it to hold the lace onto the end. 

Protecting the end
3) Now you are going to stitch the lace to the headband.  Insert your knotted thread from the backside to the front side (Pic 1) to hide the knot.
Bring the needle from front to back close to where the first pass was made (Pic 2), marked in red here.Keep this stitch small to prevent having much thread showing on the front side.

Stitch from back to front on the opposite side of the headband (Pic 3).  The thread crossing over is what holds the lace and headband together!  You can make stitch 3 directly across from stitch 2, marked in orange, or slightly further down to create a diagonal line rather than a horizontal one.

Bring the needle from front to back on the same side as stitch 3, marked in yellow (Pic 4).  Keep this stitch small to prevent having much thread showing on the front side.

That's really all there is to it!  Keep going until you read the end and then wrap and stitch the second edge the same way as the first.  This way the teeth on the headband are still functional.
Attach any decoration you'd like to the headband once you are finished.  The good part about having the lace on means that you can stitch the decorations to the lace rather than gluing to the headband itself.

I hope you find this helpful in some way!