Monday, December 26, 2016

2016 Lolita Journey

The year is just about at an end! I saw this questionnaire over on Puppenschloss and the lovely blog owner Princess Miuko said I could use the questions as well.

If any of you would like the answer the questions, either in the comments or on your own blog post, definitely do so! I'd love to see your answers! 

1. Favorite look
After looking through my Daily Lolita album, I have to say that my Disney Christmas coordinate was my favorite this year. I simply felt the most beautiful in it!
Though there are some details you cannot see well, such as the BABY biscuit brooch and the White Rabbit on my wrist stop, those little details made me feel good about this coordinate.  Also my hair. I love my hair in this
Top: Little Dipper
Wrist Stoppers: handmade by me
Petticoats: Classical Puppets
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

2. Favorite purchase
This one is so difficult! This year has been my largest purchase year in Lolita fashion. However, I think I will say that this Kumachan and Friends JSK set is my favorite because of many reasons:
1) It is by my favorite brand!
2) It has bear characters, my favorite motifs after Usakumyachan!
3) It is a new color for me: yellow
4) It was a discount price (around 9,800JPY for the set, if I remember correctly)
5) It has a switching chest piece! I did not realize this at the time of purchase, but I have never worn any deep scoop-style necklines so I can give that a try. Even if I don't like it, I can just keep the lace-covered chestpiece on to wear as a regular JSK!

3. Least favorite purchase
To be perfectly, honest, I do not have any purchases from this year that I did not like. I'm a little more careful with my money, so there are very few impulse-buys for me.
4. An item you wished you purchased but didn’t
I wish I'd purchased an Angelic Pretty Tops Lucky Bag when I was at the Angelic Pretty shop in Kyoto. I didn't buy it because I was out of money (but could have used my debit card and just paid the fees) and because through the bag, I could only see some things I wasn't very enthusiastic about. Still, I do enjoy Lucky Bags and wish I had bought one!
5. Favorite release
Though it came at the end of the year, I'm absolutely enamored with BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT くみゃちゃんの Love Love Valentine !  
White Colorway

Pink Colorway

Adorable print placement on chest

Usakumyachan version
 I think I prefer the pink colorway just a touch more than the white because the brown cookies on the bodice of the white colorway seem too stark to me.  Both are really so lovely, though! The Red colorway is even more of a Valentine's feel, but doesn't contrast as much with the main usakumyachan and kumakumyachan print to make them stand out

I adore these two mascots so much!!

6. Trends you liked and didn’t like 
There doesn't really seem to be a "trend" throughout the fashion, in my opinion. I prefer it that way as everybody can do their own individual styles. But to try and answer the question, I feel like glitter freckles were  a bit of a "mini" trend, though usually just for events or photoshoots as it can be messy to do and can look tacky if not done right.
Most other things I enjoy have been going on for a while, such as natural-looking wigs (compared to the extremely cosplayish wigs from when wigs were first used in Lolita fashion) and chiffon/organdy blouses
7. Favorite event
I did not attend any real events this year. There was the Taipei Lolita Fashion Show on December 4, and both RinRin Doll and Misako Aoki came to Taipei to participate.  I'd been on the fence about attending, but none of the Lolitas I knew were remotely interested and BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT was not attending (Misako Aoki was modeling for another brand) so I chose to save my money.  The girls who did attend were disappointed said that the vast majority of the time was spent simply queuing up to get a photo/buy things, and the tickets ranged from NT$1000 to $2200 O_O;;
That's the only big event we had this year, I think!  There were some other tea parties, though none that involved brands.
If Lolita markets count, then I did talk about the Lolita market at Flora Salon, but that was more like a bazaar than an event.  It was fun though :D
8. Favorite picture
This is from a photoshoot I never posted about because it was such a negative experience for me, but this is a photo from when Doro and I (twinning!) were trying to rearrange for a different pose and were just screwing around. It was a funny moment and a highlight of the day!  I'm glad something positive came from that event.
9. Achieved Lolita-milestones
Visited physical Brand stores in Japan! I posted about them in a series you can find under the Japan tag.
Or if you are only interested in the shops, I made posts here: 
Osaka Gothic and Lolita Part 1
Osaka Gothic and Lolita Part 2
Kyoto Lolita
10. Fashion goals from 2016 and did you achieved them
I don't believe I had any fashion goals? But I did wear Lolita more often this year and also I feel like I've somewhat improved on remembering to use accessories! Though I still don't wear many accessories for daily outfits, it's nice to wear loads of accessories for tea parties!
I also practice with makeup more!
11. Fashion goals for 2017
Next year I'd like to get more organized in order to make it easier to try out new coordinations and, again, use my accessories more!  Now that I've got proper clothing racks so I can see all my clothes, I hope that will make it easier. I've also made some jewelry organizers so I can see my jewelry, and got some pretty bowls to hold my hair accessories. 
And it'd be nice to figure out my biggest makeup problems: dark circles and under-eye wrinkles which cause any powder product, like eye shadow, to split and emphasize the wrinkles T^T
And no, using color correctors, concealer, etc. has not fixed either of those problems. 

What are your goals for next year? And of course, any good memories from this year are welcome to share!

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