Monday, December 12, 2016

Dark Rainbows, Bright Hopes

Recently Taiwan legislation has been considering legalizing marriage equality.  It has been every bit as controversial as it was in the USA ^u^v  Though I prefer not to post about political things, so really, this is about my outfit and makeup because... I'm narcissistic, probably.

The original legislation date (is that the correct term?) was delayed to allow for citizen input and to avoid rushing the process (which was what the Sunflower Movement was about; the government was accused of rushing through legal processes without taking all necessary steps). While the delay is off-putting, I do think it is a good thing to follow the steps clearly so if (when!) marriage equality is legalized, nobody can dispute it and say it was a rush job and should be reconsidered.

Heading out to catch Charmander
Anyway, on Saturday there was a Pride music festival. Unfortunately, the very thought of attending put me into a panic so I did not attend, but I wore rainbow makeup to be there in spirit ^_~  Probably a good thing I did not go as there was a sit-in protest against the "rainbow terror."  It didn't get violent or anything, and they only threw paper airplanes directed at the government building, from the news reports I've read.  Don't you wish all protesters just threw paper airplanes instead of bricks?
First EditionProbably best for daily wear

Since I'm still pretty new to makeup, I tend to take photos as I go along and add more and more!
Swapped colors on the bottom

With my eyes closed, you can see that I did not create equal gradation T^T
Will try again sometime
 Fun side note: the pink eyeshadow on my far left (your far right) stained my face. I put it over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (white) but it STILL left a pink streak on my face after I removed it repeatedly -_-;  Does hot pink shadow just tend to stain?
Plus eyeliner!
 This post is super out-of-place I guess, but I don't really have many people to talk to about it since a portion of my family is hyper-homophobic (they are Jehovah's Witnesses) ^^;
With social media, it is easy to be accidentally found out -_-;
I am really bad at the inner-corner shape so it looks bad with my eyes closed
My outfit was actually rather spooky.  Like a Gothic rainbow ^0^  But with Pokemon, because I just went out to catch some Charmander where they nest at a nearby park
Outfit rundown:
HAIR: handmade by me
TOP: altered by me
SKIRT: MarJour I believe

The law is supposed to go to debate on or before the 26 (Merry Christmas!) so we shall wait and see.  Overall, I have high hopes that it will become legalized. Taichung (middle of Taiwan) even flew Pride flags in their city on Saturday.  台灣加油!

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