Monday, December 19, 2016

Disney-theme Meetup at Alice is Coming

Saturday was our December meetup with the theme of Disney! Perfect chance to wear the BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT collaboration item with Disney's Alice in Wonderland!

Perfectly matching the theme was our restaurant of choice, 來自愛麗絲/Alice is Coming! They had their Christmas decorations up in addition to the regular Wonderland decor.  There was also a magician entertaining guests with magic tricks! However, he did not come to our table, likely because there were eight of use and it would have been difficult to see anything clearly.

There were also Christmas special foods! 
Group photo by shop staff
Disney theme is much easier to pull off, especially as many brands have collaborated with Disney to produce prints!  A few days before the meetup I happened to find some Disney's Alice in Wonderland nail stickers, so even my nails matched~

Cake ring: Handmade by me
Bear ring, crown ring: Offbrand
I also tried out a new hair style. It's not difficult, and it seems very festive. I saw Misako Aoki have a similar hairstyle on her instagram so I tried it with a half-up twin braid style rather than two full braids.  My hair keeps my neck warm ^_~

 I even tried to edit a video of it!  I'm not good at editing and was filming blind (there is no way to see if I am in the screen) but it was fun all the same.
Outfit Rundown:
Top: Little Dipper
Wrist stoppers: Handmade by me
Petticoats: Classical Puppets, offbrand
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: An*Tai*Na
  When we arrived, there were not too many people so we quickly took snaps in the teacup! Normally the teacup is reserved for groups of around five, but it's nice for taking photos!
Mei (also in an Alice in Wonderland collaboration) with Sherrie May
Taiwan Teddy
The Christmas special foods were pretty cute! A waffle snowman and two types of drinks
Fluffy Snowman Waffle $220
Strawberry Frost Milk Tea $160
Marshmallow Cocoa $160
Such a large cup!! 
Not my order, but it's so cute I took a photo! Look at the star at its neck!
Because it was the December meetup, we also did a gift exchange!  Our budget was $300 but I think everybody went slightly over ^^;  I did some DIY to the gift I gave, so that will be coming up in a gift tutorial!  Keep an eye out!

We drew numbers for gifts as Doro did a live broadcast on facebook. I received Doro's gift and Mei received my gift.

BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT Stationery Set from 2013
 I'm totally ecstatic with my gift (lucky I hadn't bought it when it first came out!) because I love stationery goods, BABY is my favorite brand, and I happen to love the prints that came out that year!

I took a "flat lay" photo for my instagram
Not as pretty as other flat lay photos I've seen ^^;  But I'm trying to take more photos because I do actually go back through my Google photos to recall fond memories. I also realized I don't have many photos of myself (because I'm always taking photos of Teddy instead) so I am trying to take more photos now!
Sugar Bouquet and Strawberry Letters prints

 Afterward we headed to a pop-up flash sale shop for ECONECO! I've been a big fan of the art but never actually knew the name of the artist ^^;; But that is for another post. This meetup was a rather long one :P

What is your favorite Disney Lolita collaboration?
With all the Alice in Wonderland pieces, I really have a difficult time choosing! But I think this series that I now own is one of my favorites due to the gold detailing *u*
Thanks for reading!

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