Thursday, December 8, 2016

Chopsticks Art in Taipei

Living alone, I often go days without seeing other people, or weeks without seeing any friends. I don't enjoy crowds or public transportation, so I rarely head out alone to just wander or window shop. However, I really enjoy art exhibits!! So when I saw on instagram that Sense, a modern Japanese artist I met at another exhibit was coming to Taipei for an exhibit, I mustered up the energy to brave the rain (it is the rainy season now) and go see the exhibition!

Since I was meeting up with local Lolitas and a visiting Hong Kongese Lolita that evening for hotpot, I was wearing my perfume bottles dress.
Outfit Rundown:
Top: Little Dipper
JSK, SK: handmade by me
Bag: Swimmer Japan
 I also liked my makeup that day! I just used a pink eyeliner with no black eyeliner base at all. I think it was fun and nice.

The exhibit was called Chopsticks Art and spans four countries with two Japanese artists in each country. Sense was accompanied here in Taipei by 田中健太郎/Kentarou Tanaka who did a beautiful series on endangered species using mixed mediums.

All the staff spoke English and the curator spoke some Chinese as well! I forgot to take photos of only the artwork, so I only have photos from Taiwan Teddy's page.  The artists and Chopsticks Art instagram all have regular photos though ^_~ So check them out!
Goat, Monkey, Rhino, Tiger

Sheep and Fox

Also plants!
 Sense often draws these Gundam-like shapes that are formed together into organic-looking silhouettes. At least that is my interpretation. He actually hasn't described his own art as such :P But he IS a fan of Gundam!

Collaboration on ceramics
 Though it was a small exhibit and only lasted about a week, I'm glad I got to see it! I met some wonderful and funny people and had a relaxing afternoon/evening
Final Photo!
To all my readers in the northern hemisphere, stay warm!!  Don't catch a cold now that it is getting so chilly!  For readers in the southern hemisphere... enjoy your summer?  ^^; Jealous!  Don't get heatstroke ^.~

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