Tuesday, December 20, 2016

ECONECO Flash Shop in Taipei!

This is a bit of a continuation from the Disney meetup post! I first saw about the ECONECO flash shop on instagram, I believe. I've always admired this artwork without ever actually finding out the name of the artist T^T so when I saw the ad I was excited and asked if anybody wanted to go with me!

Even more luckily, the artist (instagram link) herself came to Taipei on the 17th and 18th!! So we got to see her in person!
Wall decals
 The flash shop was a small booth set up along a walkway, so it was very crowded!! There was a miniature photobooth section with her original artworks for sale
Patchwork elephant

Teddy taking advantage of the bedspread
 Everything is so pastel and colorful! It's a cotton-candy dream~~

There were also character props provided so we of course took some photos! My favorite character is this chubby chipmunk! It's always munching on something with very full cheeks. Here it is eating one of my favorite foods: naan and Indian curry!

Econeco/絵子猫 actually asked us to take a photo with her because she thought we were cute *u* And then gave us autographs~
From Econeco's instagram
When I asked if she could take a photo with Taiwan Teddy for her fanpage, she let me get in the photo as well ^u^

Because it was so crowded, we left to go to Afternoon Tea for... afternoon tea...

The staff gave me this awesome cup when I asked for warm water!  It's a Disney collaboration. So fitting for that day
Disney X Afternoon Tea

In the evening we went back to the flash sale shop. Most people had left (including the artist) so we were able to browse more leisurely.
Also take more photos ^u^
 In the end, Doro and I both bought some stuff! Since Doro spent $1000 we were able to do a drawing for a badge. She didn't want to do the drawing so I drew the cat badge and she let me keep it!
As for me, I bought my favorite chubby chipmunk on a keychain (it's eating a donut this time!)  I use it as a bag charm.

We also received postcards of her art, a sticker seal, and the entire shopping bag was a full print of Animal Parade!

Such a splendid end to a long day!

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