Monday, June 14, 2010

Lolita On the Go!

Conventions, vacations, or moving house, there are many reasons one may need to pack up the frills and get on the road (or air!). Lolita is not one of the easiest fashions to pack up due to the sheer volume of the skirts, petticoats, ruffles, fragile accessories, and more!

Having recently taken a road trip to NakamaCon and planning to move to Taiwan in two weeks, I have compiled a list of tips for packing and travel without having to give up your style

First of all, I would like to link to Ramble Rori's "Traveling Lolita" series here,

General Packing Tips:

Invest in a Lightweight Suitcase 選個輕的手提箱 Sure the Hello Kitty suitcase may be cute, but the ones I have seen at our local Sanrio store tend to weigh significantly more than standard suitcases. Not only will a lighter suitcase be easier to lift and carry around, but you can pack more stuff inside! Airlines have gotten stricter with weight limits and raised the overweight fee. You don't want to arrive at the airport only to find that you must pay an extra $50 because your bag was too heavy for check-in! It is better to get a plain, lightweight but sturdy suitcase, and personalize it with cute luggage tags, luggage patches, charms, or anything else you can think of!

Vacuum Seal Have a lot of clothes to pack? Use a vacuum seal storage bag to save on space. If you are only going away for a few days (such as for a convention) this is probably not necessary, but I know that I will be needing these in order to pack all my clothes into a suitcase when I move!

Bag Your Cosmetics and Jewelry Prevent makeup accidents in the suitcase by using a cosmetics/jewelry case. Feeling crafty? Make a Jewelry Wrap yourself! The wrap is my favorite style of jewelry organizer because it has a special place for everything. Here is a tutorial for a different type of jewelry holder which is a pouch with some wedge pockets on the inside

Save the Brand for your destination! As mentioned by Ramble Rori, you don't want any accidents happening to your expensive clothing. You may also want to consider wearing civies while traveling for comfort. If you want to wear lolita (and I did), wear something without a petticoat. Sitting for 6 hours in a car would be very uncomfortable with a petti, not to mention it would flatten it out quite a bit

Wear Something Versatile Air conditioning, stuffy cars, crazy weather, you never know what you will need to be prepared! Dressing in layers makes it easy to add or remove layers depending on the temperature. Lolita has many items with detachable sleeves, which makes the task even easier! I will personally be traveling from cooler to warmer weather, so it would be in my best interest to start out with a bolero or cardigan which can be removed when I arrive in Taiwan

Keep Accessories to a Minimum You don't need to go all out while traveling - save the extra large sweets rings, head eating bows, fluffy wigs, and other elaborate accessories for your destination. They will only become a hassle along the way.

Put Liquids in Plastic Or better yet, get a toiletries bag to prevent makeup remover, lotions, etc. from ruining your clothes. A toiletries bag should be waterproof (from the inside), compact, and preferably have organizing pockets. If you are flying and plan to have liquids, gels, or aerosols in your carry on, make sure everything is in a container smaller than 3oz/100ml, no more than 500ml total, and in a 1qt/1liter clear, resealable bag. You may NOT have a container larger than 3oz/100ml, even if its contents are obviously less than 3oz/100ml. I work at the airport and often have travelers coming into our store to replenish their supplies of lotion, foundation, etc. because it was confiscated at security.

In the next series I will give different tips sets for travel by car or by plane!

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