Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Event Report~NakamaCon!

I am back from NakamaCon! We went for 4 days (May 28-31). The hotel was quite a bit smaller than we had all expected, though this was NakamaCon's first year, so I suppose a smaller con is good. It feels more cozy and personal that way anyway!

The first night we were there it felt so dead... like we had gotten there on the wrong day and the con was over or something... very odd, but the hotel room was nice! The beds were sleep number beds. I am glad that I did not have to spend a bunch of money to find that sleep number mattresses are not worth it. While it is fun to be able to adjust the softness or firmness of your bed, it will also auto-adjust to "support" you as you move around in your sleep so in the end it basically just changes firmness throughout the night. Multiple people complained of aches or numbness in the morning. I will stick to my memory foam topper, thanks!

Saturday and Sunday were much more eventful. There were always panels going on that were actually quite interesting! The tea party was all right too. I did not attend any furry or anime panels, but I will give a quick summary and photos from the parts of the con I did attend!

I have no photos from the day we arrived, because there was really nothing to take a photo of ^^;

Saturday May 29:
I wore my Alice dress to attend the Alice in Wonderland tea party! There were adorable little cakes made from scratch by the con head's friends/family

The tea was oversold, but there was more than enough food to go around so they just set up some extra tables and it still all worked out fine. Then there was a charity auction, which unfortunately did not have much related stuff (some Alice in Wonderland window clings and a lot of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom stuff)

I also tried on a corset by Scoundrelle's Keep and ended up buying it on Sunday!

I also got a pair of white spats with pink buttons from her. I think I want to do a steampunk lolita coordinate now... :D

After the tea party Kay and I attended the Lolita Panel. It was not as bad as the one other lolita panel I have been to, but it was still rather misinformed... She was pretty good about emphasizing the fact that lolita fashion is NOT sexual, has nothing to do with the novel, and is about childhood innocence, elegance, etc. However, her example images were pretty hit or miss. And she used a lot of visual kei bands and photos for some reason? And recommended eBay as a place to shop. We left after she started playing Rozen Maiden as an example of lolita fashion.

I am thinking that I want to run a lolita fashion panel one day... when I come back from Taiwan in a year or three, I will do it!! Unless one of our MN Rufflebutts does it first ;D

Sunday May 30

It was my birthday on this day! I bought a pair of Carousel Earrings because my clothing brand is Carousel Cafe! They are so cute and the horses actually turn! I did not get a photo though ^^;

It was also my first attempt at Gothic Lolita! I have been a lolita for about 3 years, but never tried Gothic ^^; The closest I ever did was my Pirate lolita coord...

How was it? I made that OP and finished it at 1AM the day we left for Wisconsin v_v; Procrastination!

NakamaCon was already starting to die down by Sunday. I did all my shopping today and bought charms as gifts for my sisters and my sister's fiance. There were two Dealer's Rooms and three Artist Alleys. The layout was a bit confusing at first, but actually I think I quite like how it was split up. Only downside was the fact that one of the Artist Alley areas was in the back of the attached restaurant so it was difficult to find at first.

Overall, NakamaCon was a fun experience and very nice for a small con in its first year. It will not be happening again, but TeslaCon, which is also run by Eric, the con head, sounds like it will be a blast! It is this November in Madison, WI. I really wish I could go because we were talking to Eric about it and he was SO into it and has three years planned out already. It is incredibly detailed, and sounds like it will be a weekend long adventure, much like a murder mystery party, but steampunk. I would like to see lolita emphasized more (Eric did say that he really wants to include lolita fashion into TeslaCon, though at the moment it is steampunk orientated and NakamaCon felt more furry and anime orientated), but it was still a blast and I do have high hopes for TeslaCon!

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