Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tiana's Kitchen~Chinese America Twist! 蛋餅!

This is one of my favorite breakfast foods! It is found easily in Taiwan from "breakfast stores" 早餐店. My mom used to make this for my sisters and me when we were young. However, the skin normally used couldn't be found here, so she substituted with a tortilla. Now I can make my own "Dan Bing" 蛋餅 and I like to add some non-traditional things to it!

The ingredients are so simple:
1 egg
1 tortilla
any filling or sauce you would prefer

Step 1: Beat the egg (if you are adding salt or pepper, now is a good time!)
Step 2: Pour the egg into pre-heated pan. I add jalapenos at this point
Step 3: Add tortilla

Step 4: Flip it over and add any fillings (like cheese!)
Step 5: Roll it up
Step 6: Chop it to sections if you prefer!

The last photo is from my last trip to Taiwan. That 蛋餅 was made with just egg and then soy sauce and hot sauce are added on top. You can easily see the difference between the tortilla skin and the Dan Bing skin. Dan Bing skin is much thinner and a little bit transparent. Normally there is not fillings, but I like to experiment and add things inside ;)

Give this simple recipe a try!