Monday, June 28, 2010

The Neverending Meetup!

This meetup broke the record for the longest meetup ever, I think. It lasted for 13 hours from 12 noon to 1AM!

We started off at Pride, then headed to Espresso Royale for some food that was not expensive, fatty festival food, then went to Cake Eater, then went to a movie! Lolita broke off as time went on because of work or other obligations, so by the end of the night we didn't have all the girls we started out with ^^;

I was very reluctant to leave my friends (yes, even after 13 hours!) because this is the last meetup before I move this Thursday, plus I organized it! I am very happy and thankful to all the girls and guys that showed up to my meet, and I will miss them all ;_; I did get a lot of photos though, and included just a couple after the cut~

Pride Meetup
Group Shot! This is at the Pride festival. Teri and Lisa took photos in a beautiful garden of each of us. I will post some of those photos when I get them! For those of you who are curious, no, we did not run into the evangelist at Pride ;)

Pride Meetup
At Cake Eater

Later a small group of us went to see Johna Hex at a small theater close to my house. The theater was Atlantis-themed, and TOTALLY AWESOME!!

Pride Meetup
Pride Meetup
The balcony was roped off or we would have taken photos there! It was way late at night so the second floor was unused

Pride Meetup
Poseidon and I am guessing Cleito?

Pride Meetup
The ticket windows had these water sprites on them too! This is not a ticket window, but the sprite looks the same!

All in all, it was a lovely last meetup and I will miss my local lolitas so much! Let's hope the Taipei lolitas have epic meetups also!

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