Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mad Hatter's Tea Room

Yesterday I went on a LoliDate with Kay to a quaint little tea house in Anoka, MN. It was VERY cute and I wish I had gotten more photos! There were only 4 of us there, but it felt very cozy and magical!


This is our table. Unfortunately I ended up not getting a single outfit shot of anybody!! I wore my BABY cami, a blazer I made, and a handmade skirt!

My cup

Kay's Cup
Yes, all the cups were mismatching, as were the chairs, teapot, and decor! The atmosphere was sort of "shabby chic Mad Hatter"

The lunch plate. Mine is an egg salad croissant sandwich, and it was AMAZINGLY delicious! That is quite a big compliment from me, because actually... I hate egg salad... The other option was chicken salad, which was delicious according to Kay :) There were cranberries in it, which sounds odd to me but was apparently very good! I do not eat chicken, so I could not try it... ^^;
There is also a cranberry orange scone (VERY delicious), a cup of fruit, assorted cheeses, and a brownie. The brownie was the only thing I did not really like because it tasted like store-bought and was too sweet.

Toppings for our scones! Preserves, lemon curd, and clotted cream

Sugar for our Black Currant Tea. This was my first time having Black Currant tea, and it tasted pretty good! It tasted even better with sugar! I am usually pretty against sugar in tea, but in this case, it was a good idea :)

The service was lovely. There were two older ladies there running the tea room and shop selling teatime things. They were pretty good about refilling our tea, and even gave us an extra cup of clotted cream because we finished all the cream that originally came with our scones!

The price was fairly reasonable for a tea service. It came out to $11.73 per person plus tips. I would definitely like to go there again if only it were not so far away! Anoka is a good 1 hour drive from my house!

In the future, if I open a cafe/boutique (dream job?) I would like it to have this type of atmosphere :D

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