Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Idol Interviews, Lifestyles, and Misako Aoki's Makeup

Models are often our Lolita idols because they can portray the perfect dolly look Lolitas strive to achieve. It is fun to hear something about their personal thoughts and lives.

Here are two videos to share. One video is for Sweet and one is for Gothic!

Interview with Midori, Misako, and Akira about how they became models. It also shows a makeup tutorial from the makeup artist who does their make for photoshoots!

Misako is so cute when she is talking about her life as just nursing and clothes!

Next is an interview of some Gothic and some Sweet Lolitas along with Kokusyoku Sumire. It shows the inside of Moi-Meme-Moitie shop and has a brief interview with Mana-sama. Or at least as much of an interview as he ever gives, seeing as how he does not speak in public...

These girls really bring Gothic and Lolita style into their lives completely. I think that it is wonderful to be surrounded by things you love at all times!