Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pose! Number 2

The "2" pose is by far, the most widely used and recognized pose of all! It is super versatile and easy. In fact, I think this is the stereotypical "Asian pose" haha


Probably the easiest to remember for candid shots, here are some variations so you don't look exactly the same in all your photos.

"Happy Face"
This is something I like to do - putting the victory sign close to your face sort of helps to "hide" part of it and look smaller :P Usually this is paired with a slightly angled face-turn (as opposed to a straight-on shot) to look slimmer. I actually learned this recently when I moved here :D Haha!

An energetic pose! Probably better for silly photos when you are having fun. And that should be often ;) Throw out your victory sign strongly!!

"Smile Between the Lines"
Another common pose is to put the victory sign at the edges of your smile. It looks a bit shy but sweet

"Double Victory!"
Or in this case, quadruple victory! Haha sometimes I don't know what to do with my other hand and just throw up a double victory sign v^u^v It still looks nice!

"Sailor Moon"
Ahaha have a picture of Sailor Moon! I just called this pose "Sailor Moon" because it reminds me of her :) Basically, it is the victory sign over or by your eye/temple area. I suppose it also looks a bit like you are at a 70s disco? This pose is also nice for drawing attention to your face/eyemake so if you put extra effort in, make it known!

"Star of Friendship"
This requires a group of friends, but that is part of what I like about it! Each person makes a victory sign, then everybody stands in a circle finger-to-finger and it makes a many-pointed star. Fun for showing off nail art, rings, and bracelets!

Really, this 2-finger pose is probably the most versatile pose of all. If you have any other ideas, leave a photo or link in the comments :D