Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meetup Report and Giveaway Winner!

On Sunday some local got together and we went to a different Rose House than the one we went to in October. This one is better because it is owned by the original owner so the food tasted better :P

Rose House Front and insides

Inside, where the food comes out; Our seating area; two menu shots; a photo of roses from a TaoBao shop that we are planning on making a group order for. Taiwanese Lolitas are pro at organizing group orders!! It as pretty insane! They get large orders for the same item and then get discounts on the item, have everything sent to a warehouse in Shanghai, and then get everything shipped together to save on shipping. I need to learn this magical skill

My salad with rose dressing; My rose milk tea; My fruity dessert!
Rose is my new favorite flavor *u*

Shoe shot! I took my shoes off because they are too ugly... I need to buy new shoes!; Print shot!

My face of the day~ I just wore my BABY Gingham Ribbon Rose OP and the hair corsage I made

Now, the real reason you are all reading this post is to see the winner, right?
According to Random.org, the winner is comment number 2!
So congratulations to Heather! I have emailed you and will mail out your prize as soon as I receive your address :)

Thank you to ALL my readers for reading and commenting. I love to meet new people with common interests :D