Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Coordinate Challenge!

Aah I almost forgot to make a challenge for this month! Since gaining weight I have not been very keen on wearing Lolita D: But I will still make this challenge!

The challenge for this month, is One Dress 7 Ways! Inspired by the One Piece 7 Ways on Moments Like Diamonds, the whole point of this challenge is to take one OP/JSK/SK and coordinate it in 7 different ways. Or as many as you can manage :) You don't have to wear all 7, I suppose, but just taking a photo of a coordinate to share!

You can also use Polyvore to coordinate if you prefer that way, though it is more fun and challenging to use pieces you already have!

Update on the Poses series:
I am scheduling posts on the poses! So hopefully it will be helpful or at least entertaining to you all :D I tried to only take photos from GLB and Kera showing Lolitas because not all poses I know of work for Lolita fashion ;) The big, puffy skirt obscures a lot of leg poses, haha! So I will be starting with the number poses. I think I have one schedule for later today, actually... :D

Also, I have reached 50 followers! I am thinking of doing a small giveaway with cute notebooks. Cute, printed notebooks are much more common here and I LOVE having cute everyday use items. I will be picking up some sweet or cute notebooks from local shops soon~