Sunday, June 5, 2011

Belle's Library~ Alice: Madness Returns

Alice in Wonderland is a timeless classic. Many artists have created their own spinoffs in movies, storybooks, video games, and more! As one of the biggest influences in Lolita fashion, Alice is a popular motif and one of my favorite characters. The quirky world of Wonderland leaves itself open to interpretation and many interesting theories!

This month, a new release of another Alice interpretation is coming... a sequel to my favorite video game, American McGee's Alice!

The first video game was released in 2000 for PC. It was an extremely popular game, though it did freak me out because I played it late at night ^^; In case you couldn't tell from the poster for the sequel, American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns are Gothic Horror games.

The story behind American McGee's Alice is that a fire destroyed Alice's home and killed her parents. Unable to live with the horrifying reality, she is admitted into an asylum. She is living in her imaginary world of Wonderland, but her insanity has caused Wonderland to also become twisted and dark. The Red Queen (for Alice fans, this game also treats the Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts as the same character) has taken over and Alice must fight her way through Wonderland to save it.

Be warned that it is quite gore-y! The characters bleed and the sound of the Vorpal Blade slicing into their bodies is a little scary! I only got through the first 3 levels/chapters because honestly, the game is a little difficult, so save often!! There aren't a ton of checkpoints, but you can save at any time in the game and choose which point to go back to. For example, if you end up going to wrong way and have already saved, it won't delete your previous saves, so you can choose to return to an earlier checkpoint and go a different direction.

In Alice: Madness Returns 11 years have passed (corresponding with real time between the games) Alice is released from the asylum and sent to a London psychiatrist. Her nightmares and the new environment prove too much for her and she tries to return to Wonderland, but finds that in the time she has been absent, it has once again become a dark world...

The website has a lot of cool images, wallpapers, and an interactive storybook you can play with to get a summary of Alice's adventures. The facebook group also has new information and media updates. The new game is available for more platforms than just PC!

Also, if you pre-order you can get the OST *u*

This makes me wish I had the Xbox here... ;_; It's still in America!!

Readers, what are your favorite Alice movies, stories, games, etc.?
My personal list:

Movie: Alice in Wonderland (2010 Tim Burton version)
Story: The Looking Glass Wars really interesting take on Wonderland!
Game: American McGee's Alice :P

Is anybody else excited for this??