Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aurora's Chambers~Jewelry Organization Tutorial!

A looooong time ago I said I would do some "household" type tutorials and here is the first post! Finally!

I have quite a few necklaces and bracelets which were kept in a box and become tangles constantly, so I finally decided to create a cheap little organizer that looks pretty and keeps my necklaces from becoming one huge knot!
我有許多項鍊和手還可是放在盒子裡常常會打結。 有一天忽然想到個好辦法來把他們整理好!

There have been many jewelry organization tutorials on the internet that I found. Most of them consisted of an empty frame with netting stretched behind it or a corkboard you can hang up. Since we are renting cannot hang things on the wall, I had to make a free-standing organizer!
在網路上搜索了好多配件整理教學可是都是用相框加沙布掛在牆上的那種。 目前租的房子不能掛東西,所以只好自己創照新的方法吧!

Tada! A Wire Tree!

*Wire in varying thicknesses 鐵絲
*Wire cutter 剪鐵疵的夾子
*Pliers 小夾子

1) Cut your wire into several lengths that are LONGER than your necklaces.

2) Curl one end of the wire into a little spiral, and the other end into a hook.
The bigger the spiral, the more stable your tree will be. Vary the sizes of the spirals to make your tree more interesting!

3) After all your wires are bent, bend the spiral end at a 90 degree angle to make the roots of the tree and your tree will stand up. Gather all your branches together and begin to wrap the trunk with more wire. I found that using a thinner wire for this part was easier
接下來把樹根彎成90度,讓書站起來。 再把所有的樹枝用細一點的鐵絲綁起來
You can also add more branches at this point. Just make a V with a wire and bend BOTH ends into hooks, then wrap around the trunk of the tree. Secure it all with the thinner wire as a final wrapping

4) This is what it should look like when done:

5) Hang your necklaces on! If you find that your tree is not balanced (some pendants on necklaces can be quite heavy!) you can bend the tree branch to let the heavier necklaces just barely touch the surface of the table or wherever your tree is standing. This way, the table will help support some of the weight of the necklace, but the tree still holds the chain portion up so it doesn't tangle!
把項鍊掛上吧! 如果有些項鍊比較重讓樹站不穩可以把樹枝網下彎,讓像練輕輕碰到桌面。 這樣桌面會幫忙撐住重量,樹枝把常常的鏈條拉高就不會糾結囉!

Doesn't that look so much nicer?