Saturday, June 4, 2011

On All the Good Things

Wow, I know that I said June would be a month of few posts because I would be busy (and I am - today was exhausting!!) but today I found that I need to make 4 posts, 3 of which are time-sensitive!! So to save your sanity, I am going to combine the time-sensitive ones into one post of tremendous joy ♥♥♥ and schedule-post the fourth!

P.S. Also going to start blogging bilingually sometimes :P I know I said that before, but this time, I mean it! Wow, this post is just full of positive energy! :D

International Lolita Day Summer 2011!
Tomorrow (or today, depending on time zone and how late you are staying up) is International Lolita day!
明天(今天嗎? 已經過了午夜!)就是國際蘿莉節!
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This year I will be in class all day

So I will wear something comfortable, but pretty! I wish I had had the time to put my hair in rollers today, but I was so exhausted I actually fell asleep for a bit when I got home (hence writing this post at 12AM...)
結論是: 穿一套又舒服又可愛的蘿莉服! 本來想捲髮,可是回到家實在太累了(不用電棒的壞處就是前一天晚上要用海綿球!)

What is one to do when LoliDay seems so... not fancy? I, for one, plan on having a one-person party and treating myself to a cafe near the school during lunch break! Last Winter Loliday I also had a one-person party and went to a cafe :P I love cafes!
蘿莉節沒聚會要怎麼辦呢? 我個人是打算單人形成! 在學校附近找家可愛又不太貴的咖啡廳吃午簪~ 超愛cafe的!

Another idea is to scrapbook! I have a Lolita scrapbook and just bought more double-stick tape so I can finish the last few meetups I went to! Maybe I will share some photos here :)

Dragon Boat Festival

Monday, June 6 is the Dragon Boat Festival (In case you're curious, I grew up with the Qu Yuan legend version of the festival)! On Saturday my mom taught me how to make rice dumplings called zongzi (pronounced more like dzong dzi). I am not good enough to make a tutorial on it, but I did compile some footage into a video to share the experience! Youtube is being strange and saying it will take over 600 minutes to upload my video O_Q I may have to edit the video into this post tomorrow...
星期一是端午節! 媽媽有教我包粽子,可是我包的不太好。。。 有錄下來,可是YOUTUBE發作ING,說要600+分鐘才完成上傳 O_Q 明天在編輯文章加影片吧?

EDIT: Fixed! I uploaded it with Chrome instead of Firefox :P

Giveaway Winner!
The winners are:
1) Kathleen!
2) Ziertin!

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