Saturday, June 11, 2011

May the Power of Lolita Compel You! (A Diary Post)

I have run out of scheduled posts! Time to make real-life update ;D As I mentioned before, this month I am a bit more busy because I'm working 2 jobs and getting ready to test my way into University. Well, the day is here! Tomorrow is my test/analysis/careful scrutiny of every aspect of my person to try and set the course for the next 2-4 years of my life!
今天來篇人生報告文!之前提過這個月會比較忙。除了上兩個班還要準備實踐的徵審入學考。明天就要考了!! 好緊張! 明天過後就知道未來的兩到四年要如何過下去。。。

Wow, that sounds very dramatic :x

Anyway, we were supposed to come up with a portfolio of our past works. I spent hours upon hours finding old photos, taking new ones, editing them on my computer, and spent NT$1000 getting them printed. Then I did fashion sketches for the basic styles. After putting it all together, I realized.... Everything is Lolita. Except for the 4 kigurumi I did as a collaboration with my sister. I don't know if this lack of variety is going to get me auto-disqualified or not....
徵審要把作品整理成文件。 我花了好幾天找相片,拍新相片,修相片,還花了一千多塊把它們因出來。 最後還畫了好幾張服裝畫。全不整理完後才發現。。。 除了四件kigurumi(日本可愛動物角色睡衣),所有的作品都是蘿莉塔服。希望這麼沒花樣不會害了我!

In more Lolita-related news, next week I am going to meet another Lolita to pick up some things I bought as part of a Group Order. Would anybody be interested in reviews of some of my purchases?

Thus far I have/will be getting:
Classical Puppets petticoat
AnTaiNa shoes
Secret Shop Socks
Surface Spell flowers (for hair or pin)

And I already did a review of the DoL Strawberry Purse here

Let me know in the comments below! (P.S. click on the post title if you cannot see the comment section!)