Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On Leveling Up

Back in the Stone Age (or somewhere around there), there was a Big Bang of Lolita bloggers that exploded out of the darkest abyss which was the Internet. A new blog popped up and was advertised on EGL every couple days. For every advertised blog, there was probably 3-5 blogs that weren't advertised. As one of these ninja blogs, ABC Lolita emerged as a single-cell organism and floated around in the endless void of blogs. Eventually, it evolved into a sort of organized blog with a few followers, which meant the content needed to actually have more meaning.

Over time (from Stone Age to now is just over a year, I believe) ABC Lolita attracted more followers and started getting comments. Good thing I had a good commenting system than allows for reply subscriptions :D

And now, ABC Lolita has leveled up from single-cell to plankton or something similar. Still less than 100 followers, but apparently quality enough to have gotten... an award.... O_O *play music from LoZ when Link opens a treasure chest!*

Blogger Award

First of all, I'd like to thank Lemonberry Lulu for giving me a blogger award! I would never have thought that I'd get one when I first started this blog!

So now I am going to share 9 wonderful blogs with you all :)

Here are the blogger award rules:

Make a post containing:

1)Say thank you to the person who gave you the award
2)Write about someone that gave you the award
3)Write about yourself
4)Award and banner code
5)Give this banner to 9 of your friends
6)Don't forget to leave a message in their chatbox
7)Use the image on your sidebar without changing the code

Lemonberry Lulu is probably the top commenter on this blog, thanks very much for that! Getting feedback always feels really good :D Don't worry, everybody else, there are definitely a handful of you that I remember the usernames of because you guys comment a lot, too!

Something about myself... Well I originally started this blog because I wanted to share something with the world, but was actually too scared to promote my blog at all because I am not a good writer and don't really like to do Brand updates, write intelligent articles (actually, I am just incapable I think?), etc. I DO like to post tutorials because free Internet tutorials is what got me started on my fashion design and construction path, and I'd like to give something back!

This post is already getting long, so here are my 9 blogs in no order:
1)F Yeah Lolita writes the type if intelligent articles about Lolita fashion that I wish I could :P

2) Moments Like Diamonds has an awesome title and writes Gyaru style and daily life posts. She hails from MN (yay!) and I enjoy her One Item 7 Ways posts a lot! Also the Japan posts :)

3)Tokyo Kawaii Etc. is a blog about Japan by a Japanese woman (in English). It is quite interesting!

4) Viva Woman blogs about beauty and the safety of products. She has a lot of nice reviews and natural home DIY projects. Based in Singapore

5) Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who created the cosmetics line of Lime Crime. I like to follow her blog for the photoshoots :P Back when she just did makeup tutorials, I started following and then she launched her own line!

6) Anna the Red is a plush and bento designer. She also does a lot of non-bento food art. I LOVE food art!! Pretty much everything she does is awesome. My computer couldn't access her site for the longest time D: But I followed her Flickr. Then I changed my IP address and now I can stalk her blog all I want!

7)Japanese Snack Reviews is a really niche blog, but I figured it'd be interesting to some of you :) I think it's quite nice!

8)Hyperbole and a Half is a random, quirky blog made of MS Paint drawings and hilarity. My favorite post that actually made me laugh out loud while home alone is called "Texas". You should definitely check out her blog! It'll cheer you up :)

9)Gothic Charm School is quite famous and popular already, but I thought I'd share anyway! It teacher etiquette and how to handle tough situations with grace and manners. Definitely something we can all learn, especially in a subculture fashion!

P.S. I'm terrible at science :(