Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Taste of Taiwan~ MiraMar!

On July 29 we had a very casual meetup at one of Taipei's famous places, Miramar Entertainment Park! I would like to share some photos from there.

The most famous part of Miramar is definitely the huge, 70-meter tall Ferris wheel!

The buildings are like giant malls with full of everything from fancy, name brand stores to cheap eats. We ate at a curry place with Indian chefs (very Lolita, I know)

This is my extra spicy spinach curry with naan bread. There may or may not be a print inspired by this dish coming out soon from brands :o Macarons are so last season.

The utensils came in a paper package with a warning to be careful because they are sharp. Well, my dish didn't require a knife, so I actually just had two spoons and a fork in mine :P

In addition to the food, there are some beautiful shops we visited. My favorite was a ceramics store that had gorgeous tea sets and tea trays!

This is a photo of my favorite tea tray:
I wish these weren't so expensive! Though recently on Pinterest (yes, I have fallen into the abyss that is Pinterest) that you can make your own by gluing together candlesticks and plates. I may have to try this!

We also went to Rose House, my favorite afternoon tea shop.

And there is a whole section of shops for children and babies! We went to a shop called "Toy World." I looked for Pokemon goods, but didn't find the Pokemon I wanted. Instead, I took a photo with a dinosaur
The epitome of lifestyle Lolita.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you can get a chance to visit Miramar if you are ever in Taipei! The MRT station it is closest to is Jiannan Road Station, right across the street. It is very easy to find!

The Ferris wheel is popular for Valentine's Day. It costs NT$250 to NT$300 depending on when you go, but I would suggest that if you want to ride it to go within the next couple of years. With all the building going on, soon the view will not be as great as the buildings climb higher and higher.

Do you find Ferris wheels to be romantic? I have never been on such a large Ferris wheel! The only one I have ever ridden is the teeny tiny one in Mall of America in Minnesota, USA. Visit that one if you ever get the chance, too! The height of the Miramar Ferris wheel actually scared me a little bit... Perhaps if I find a significant other by Valentine's Day, I will give it a try ^^;