Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Belle's Library~ BABY Mook

BABY came out with a collective mook in July, but I didn't buy it despite the fact that BABY is my favorite brand and my first step into the Lolita world.
Cover. Photo from online sale (Amazon JP)

On Saturday, I went to 東區, literally translated as "East District," a fun, fashionable place to go with lots of shopping and eating to do should you ever be in the Taipei area. After eating, we went to Mag Freak, a chain of magazine shop that carries imported magazines and mooks, mostly from Japan.

Normally you are lucky to find back issues of the Gothic and Lolita Bible or a copy or two of Gosu Rori. So imagine my surprise when I saw a whole stack of BABY's catalog mook! I couldn't resist buying it! It's more expensive than it would have been online, but seeing it in person is more exciting ;)

Pochette page (from Amazon JP)

Of course, I was also attracted to the gift with purchase - the BABY heart pochette! I saw 小米(XiaoMi)'s pochette at the MiraMar meetup and it is really quite small, but handy for carrying your phone and small cosmetics such as a lipstick or small compact for touch-ups. Normally, the gift with purchase in these types of magazines are eco totes or small makeup pouches made of fabric. The pleather pochette for BABY's mook seemsto be a better deal to me!

The mook itself is rather thin at 62 pages, but I really enjoy it!

Closeup of the pochette page (from Amazon JP)

I took some photos of the real pochette~

Here is the front of the mook:
The shape will be warped from the thickness of the pochette, but it flattens out after a day or so of being weighed down under a stack of GLBs ;)

The pochette is protected in plastic, a layer of cardboard, and then another plastic with the BABY logo printed.

I recommend cutting out the page it is glued to along the cutting line before removing the pochette. The sticky lines will stick to the facing page of the mook! I cut out the page, which was printed with BABY's Swan Lake print, and saved it for scrapbooking.

This is the inner layer of plastic

The pochette!

The Brand Logo is inscribed on the pochette. It is a little difficult to photograph due to it being black-on-black, but I hope you can see it!

In the opening. You can see that it is quite small. I can only put a phone and wallet or lipstick and compact. Even phone + camera is too much! But I think I will use this pochette for makeup at meetups.

The handle was quite bent from being rolled up, but I hung it from my doorknob with just my phone inside and the handle straightened out within a day, no worries!

I didn't take photos of the insides because I am not sure how the copyright works for magazine scans.

Inside, it has:
BABY's magic closet - some ad-type photoshoots like you see in the GLBs
New Items on the stage - photos of latest items like you see in the GLBs
BABY's Dreamy World - some fun photoshoot drawing combos that are very cute!
ALICE and the PIRATES - some photoshoots of AatP clothing
Headdress a la Mode - two pages on headdresses
Dolls Make Lesson - three makeup tutorials spread out over 4 pages. Pink Princess is the only one with step-by-step. Snow White and Brown Make both show the final look with closeups on the eye, cheek, and lip with notes on how to do it along with Base Make and Point!
Dear, My Sweet Friend - all about Usakumya!!! Baby's famous mascot! I love this two-page spread!
BABY LOVERS - I think this is notes from fans and evens and things BABY has done? It's all in Japanese so I am not sure...
My Favorite BABY - a two-page spread on the models' favorite BABY dresses as they model them I think? In any case, it shows five models, Misako Aoki, Midori Fukasawa, Azusa, Yui Minakata, and SELEN.
SWEET&CUTE COLLABORATION ARCHIVE - as the name implies, a collection of collaborations!
All the past Popular Item Archive - pretty self-explanatory; it shows popular items from 1997 to the present
Textile Chronicle A collection of print swatches! It's so nice to see the detail in all the prints!
Interview to Designers - This would be neat if I could read Japanese
We Love BABY! - fan and event photos
Un Parti du The de Lolita - Paris tea party and Magical Mystery Tea Party in Japan
Special Pochette - The pochette and some descriptions of it (see the scans above!)

If you are interested in buying this mook, here are some places to find it online!
Amazon JP
CD Japan