Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I May Not Be A Greek Sailor, But I Can Pretend

One thing I love about Taiwan is the sheer abundance of food from other countries. While not every restaurant is actually run by foreigners from their respective countries, most of the restaurants at least hold some resemblance to the foods from the countries they are trying to represent. (Unlike certain fast-food "Chinese" restaurants in the U.S.A. ;D If you are in the U.S., you know what I mean!)

On August 5th we had a mini-meetup with a theme: Sailor Lolita! I made a dress in three days for this meetup because I had no sailor-theme anything :( The dress isn't perfect, but I actually quite like it!

The restaurant we met up at was Greek-themed. I am no expert on Greek cuisine, but I am pretty sure this was not as authentic as you can get. However, it was still delicious!

First up, a group shot of us:
Group Censored
It is probably difficult to see everybody's outfits :P Click on the photo to make it larger!

I chose to make my dress in a Pink X White colorway rather than Navy Blue X White or Navy Blue X Red X White because I wanted to make a dress that could match more things in my wardrobe as well as not look too "AHOY, SAILOR!" for daily wear. Or maybe it is just because I really like the color pink v_v

More photos follow:

I ordered a vegetarian gyro. It came in a DIY-style setup and was quite delicious!
There was grilled peppers and apples, lettuce, onions, potato wedges, and a yummy yogurt-based dip! It all got wrapped up in the pita bread. I love getting hands-on with my food, so this was awesome!

Originally I had been planning on doing low, looped braded pigtails with two hair ribbons, but my hair is too long and it looked silly! So I ended up doing a LeiFang style with looped pigtails higher up on the sides of my head:

Commercial Break!
This is a gif of LeiFang for those of you who don't play Dead or Alive series:
/Commercial Break

And of course, every Sailor Lolita needs a salutation pose!
Aye, aye, Cap'n!

I'm thinking of making a couple more detachable ribbons to go on this dress. The sailor collor is entirely removable so that the dress can be worn in a less theme-y coordinate. I do love Sailor Lolita style, but versatility is even better ;) Detachable collars, waist ties, ribbons, belts, etc. make it easy to dress up or down depending on the situation!