Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Real? BABY and Angelic Pretty Nail Stickers

I am not sure if these are real, but they are too cute!


I saw this image posted on the Lolita facebook group. They are nail art stickers for BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT and Angelic Pretty. How cute would these be if they were real?

As much as I love nail art, it takes quite some time to do elaborate pieces and to replicate a print like this would be near impossible.

Brands to seem to be making more non-clothing/fashion items. Some classic brands such as Innocent World and Victorian Maiden have done things such as mirrors, brushes, etc. in the past.

Lettersets and postcards are common Brand items, as well as stickers that come with mooks.

More recently, BABY came out with washi tape, or paper tape (I believe the English translation labeled it as "masking tape"). Follow the cut for more images!

Rose Bouquet paper tape

Usakumya paper tape

I love love love paper tape! It's super cute and is a lovely way to make your everyday notes cuter! I also like to use it on cards and in my scrapbooks. While US$6 may be a steep price for paper tape, regular paper tape with other cute patterns are readily available at stationery stores.

Here are some pins from BABY :P I remember when pins were the "coolest" thing in high school and everybody had pins with witty sayings or cartoon characters all over their bags. These pins are much sweeter, though!

Do you like Brand stationery/one-time-use items? Some people may find them too precious to use for fear of "ruining" them, but I think I'd really love to own some Brand stationery or nail stickers! Besides, if you take photos of them, you can have the photos forever!