Monday, August 13, 2012

Bamboo, Bamboo, Growing Up!

Yesterday I braved the thundestorms to go apartment-hunting with my mother. I found a very small, but quite nice place very close to school. It will save me quite a bit on transportation costs! The rent is about half my monthly income ;_; but I am excited to be finally moving out to live on my own!

I do have to downsize, though. So that means a closet cleanout sale is going to be coming up! I'm thinking of doing a flat US$30-including-shipping on everything. I also need to clean out my fabric stash!

Sorry for the lack of interesting posts as of late. I'm queing up a sales post, a hair tutorial post (would you prefer many hair tutorials in one or all of them together? They are similar-related styles, so I was thinking of doing it all at once), and a meetup post from a Sailor Lolita meetup last week.

There will probably be an abundance of Aurora's Chambers series posts (home decor) as well as Cinderella Solutions series (for home-cleaning on the cheap) when I move in.

I am also thinking of going through all the English Gothic and Lolita Bibles I own (volumes 2-5) and doing all the sewing projects so other Lolitas can see what the result is like. I have done the BABY skirt as well as the Bat Mini Top Hat. Would that be something interesting?

Thanks for sticking with me ;) And for those of you doing the Lolita Runway Challenge, I hope to see photos in a few weeks! I need to get mine done before I move :P