Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I went home this weekend to celebrate Mother's Day with my grandma, my mom, and to pay respects to my deceased grandmother whom I have never met. Her ashes are kept by where my great aunt (who raised my mother) is also kept, so we visited them both at once.

Their final resting place is called 金山靈骨塔/Jingshan Ling Gu Ta. This was my third trip there, and I took a video this time! I didn't take photos of the interior because I didn't want to disturb anybody, but I did go online to find some photos and put them in. The room the photo shows is not the room my grandmother, great aunt, and great uncle are in, but it was the closest one I could find.

Despite its remote location, there were quite a few people there today to pay their respects!

I attended my great aunt's funeral when she passed, which was the first cremation funeral I have ever been to. The tower where they are now is really clean and bright and feels really good inside. The road up the mountain there is quite steep and feels a little unsafe due to narrow road and lack of safety railings in the mountains, but at least there were safety railings by the seaside road???

At lunch I took my mom out to eat at a vegan organic buffet :) It was super crowded despite being a very small restaurant in a hidden alley! I wish I had taken photos :P

The music from the video is really pretty (I think) and from a website called Free Music Archive where you can find some really interesting and lovely music!