Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Out of Character

This is just a fun little topic or experiment that I thought would be fun to try. It was inspired by the current Fashion Design project we are doing in school where our teacher assigned each of us a character/personality, and we had to design two outfits fitting the character's lifestyle.

My character is a lazy bum who lies around on soft pillows all day and doesn't take care of herself at all, but when she leaves the house she is very put-together and basically looks completely different from her in-house self. It was really quite interesting to try and put together a look for her, and I really hope it turns out well! We will eventually have to actually model these outfits, so even though they are out of character, we will need to pretend to be these characters! (Sort of like cosplay??) The point is that we cannot always design something we personally like/want to wear. To be a designer, you need to know your client and have a flexible view.

So my little project/game I'd like to try here is to have everybody make a list of things you don't do/would never wear/totally not your style, and then try to come up with an outfit (and maybe actually wear it if you're daring!)

My list of "things I would never consider adding to my own wardrobe" is:
*anything too revealing (cleavage, stomach, thighs, backless)
*mainstream "logo" American brands (A&F, American Eagle, Holister/Halister/Hollestir/you know what I mean)
*tight one-piece dresses/anything form-fitting
*bustiers with visible under-wire (it just looks like lingerie to me!)
*engineer boots (sorry to anybody who likes them!)
*sporty wear
*jeans (I'm a fashion train wreck, I know)
*halter tops without a cover-up (I have linebacker shoulders!)
*short shorts
*tailored suit/set
*skinny heels - I cannot walk in them!
*clutches - straps, please!

Wow I didn't realize my list would be so long :( I feel like I'm overly picky now!

Here are two outfits I put together of clothes/shoes I'd never wear:
What I'd Never Wear

The stuff in the middle is supposed to be able to coordinate with both outfits ;)
I'd rock all the jewelry, but cannot see myself actually wearing the clothes without something over/under everything!!

What I'd Never Wear

The (tight! white! printed!) jeans here are definitely something I would NOT be comfortable wearing! I tried to make this more punk even with the girly floral bits here and there. Again, I'd rock the jewelry. Anything else? Uh....

What are some things you could never see yourself wearing? Would you ever want to try it out just to see if you're pleasantly surprised? Or are you more comfortable just staying where you are right now? Please let me know! I like to know how other people see their own "no-no" styles