Sunday, May 26, 2013

Aurora's Chambers~ Earring Frame

Earrings, earrings, everywhere! I love earrings, but am sadly I am part Wolverine and if I don't continue to wear earrings, the piercings heal so I re-pierce them every time I want to wear earrings. This has led to me tossing my earrings into a box and forgetting about them, which is really sad!

Last night I had a burst of manic energy and decided to put together an earring frame so that my earrings are in plain sight and hopefully will have me wear them more!

Space is incredibly limited, so I chose to make a hanging earring frame in order to conserve surface space. Now my earrings are hanging on the back of my door so I can choose some to wear right as I leave for the day!

 photo CIMG5361_zps008bae8d.jpg

This is very quick and easy to make, so I took photos of the progress to show you.

Frame base - you can use a picture frame, cardboard, tag board, foam board, or anything sturdy enough to hold its shape
Decorative fabric
Netting fabric
Ribbon to hang it with
Any other decorations you want (buttons, lace, ribbon, etc.)

This is so simple you probably don't even need directions!

Cut the frame to the size and shape you want. If you are using some type of paper board, I recommend that you leave the thickness of an inch to two inches so it doesn't become weak.
 photo CIMG5354_zps072cf65f.jpg
The back looks a bit messy, haha!
 photo CIMG5356_zps8c50dab8.jpg
The front is nice though!

Glue your decorative fabric to cover the frame. Then glue the netting fabric for holding the earrings up.
 photo CIMG5355_zps29fc0177.jpg

3) Hang
Glue or sew ribbon to the back and hang it up. I made a wire hook to hang it over the back of my door. Put your earrings in and you are done!
 photo CIMG5359_zps79ea8db0.jpg

There you go! Super easy earring organizer! I plan to make an organizer for necklaces and bracelets to hang beneath this one, so stay tuned for that!