Sunday, May 19, 2013

Preparing for Summer!

Every year before summer:
I'm going to protect my skin from the sun!
I'm going to wear cute clothes every day!
I'm going to be social and hang out!
This summer will be great!

Every summer:
Too lazy for sunblock
Oops forgot a hat
And sunglasses
Too lazy to coordinate and outfit
Or change out of my pajamas
Or get out of bed
Too lazy to leave the house
It's internet time
Where did the summer go and why is it time for school already?

So, why should this year be any different? I will tell you why. I AM MAKING A LIST OF THINGS TO DO! And I will cross things off this list when I do them. I am also going to actually prepare myself for summer and hopefully make it awesome like I always plan for it to be! Unfortunately, a lot of them require money, so I will also be saving up hopefully!

Summer 2013 Goals:
1) Protect skin every day
I am currently using these:
 photo 6868790_320x385_zps05baffde.jpg  photo 100112_l_zps38e3df9f.jpg
I like the Neutrogena dry-touch sunblock because it feels light and absorbs quickly and has no smell.
The Shu Umera mousse UV cream is just really fun to put on! It has a bit of color so is sort of like a BB cream. I actually just got the actual Shu Umera BB mouse yesteray in the limited edition bottle for actual makeup days. I can't wait to try it out because mousse texture feels really light and good!
 photo F2223000_l_zps0261c876.jpg

2) Wardrobe overhaul
I'm planning on saving up around NT$6000 to go on a mad shopping spree for basics such as leggings and tank tops as well as cute floral and summery tops. Currently my non-Lolita wardrobe is a mish-mash of things that don't coordinate so I end up wearing a T-shirt and skirt most days and feel like a hobo. I really believe that if you LOOK good you will FEEL good. And goodness knows I could do with some more positive feelings!
My current style keywords are:
sheer, floral, lace, asymmetrical, girly, soft
And also
rock, distressed, tough
I have sort of diverse tastes :x
Floral Rock

The floral top with a cross seems to have a great balance of floral rock!

3) DIY wardrobe updates
While I will definitely be donating some clothes, I would really like to try and Frankenstein together some old clothes and fabric scraps into "new" and interesting articles of clothing. Hopefully I'll be able to post some photos here! They may not be Lolita-related, but if you save money on "earthling" clothes, you have more for Lolita, right??? (Logic!)

4) Take more time for hobbies
I'd specifically like to work on my pop-up skills. I can make a pretty good variety of pop-ups, but am not very creative when it comes to decorating them. Hopefully I'll get good enough that I can either sell my cards/books or just do a little giveaway here!

5) Go to Thailand
Some classmates and I may be taking a short vacay to Thailand. I've never been anywhere other than the USA and Taiwan, so I think that'd be really lovely! It will cost around NT$30,000 to NT$40,000 so that's quite a bit of money...

Those are my only real plans so far. Of course there are other things that will pop up hopefully! I'm excited for summer and hope I don't get academic probation at school.

What are your plans for the summer? Or do you just wing it and do whatever you feel like as the whim strikes?