Friday, May 17, 2013

Then and Now

I consider myself to have two "beginning" points in Lolita fashion. The first was as an "outsider" simply getting a general gist of the fashion, and the second was when I really decided to research and learn about Lolita so I could wear it!

My views have definitely changed over the years, though maybe not as much as some other people :) So I break up this week's Lolita Blog Carnival into three points!

First Hear About EGL
I was 14 when I first heard about EGL from a friend. I researched a lot into Mana-sama and Elegant Gothic Lolita. I had no idea about any other styles and while I was a big fan of Goth fashion, I wasn't sure I wanted to look like Mana-sama on a daily basis. Still, I loved the dolly look with a twist of darkness!
My keywords back then: Goth, dark colors, heavy makeup, tight curls, platform Mary Jane shoes
 photo glb3mana4ta7_zps11d1a946.jpg
This is pretty much what I thought every Lolita in the world looked like. Maybe with some white lace sometimes.
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Real Research
I once again stumbled back into the world of Lolita Fashion when I was about 15 or 16 and getting started on T-shirt surgery. There was a tutorial for a cutsew posted on the livejournal community t_shirt_surgery. It linked BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT and Angelic Pretty as reference websites. When I browsed the sites, I fell in love!! By searching for the keywords "lolita fashion" and the brand names, I found the other styles of Lolita fashion. I began to research every single day to find more information. I joined EGL when Miss Megan Maude was still the admin, there was no separate sales community, and lolita_wank was still functional. Very quickly, I got sucked into the world of Sew_Loli and learned about internet drama through a sewing contest that ended poorly on there. That aside, I became very interested in learning to sew my own clothing (hey, that's not much harder than T-shirt reconstruction, right???? Hint: wrong). My first skirt was quite a disaster. No photos because I'll cry ;_;
I also learned about Lolita brands OTHER than BABY and Angelic Pretty. I decided that Sweet Lolita was more my cup of tea. I also found other Lolitas in Minnesota through the Lolita penpal community (pretty sure it's defunct now) and made a few livejournal friends.
I was one of those tremendously overexcited newbies who thought everything could be Lolita-fied. Luckily, I didn't post about it all over communities like some people did ;) So I at least wasn't an ANNOYING overexcited newbie.
My keywords back then: Sweet Lolita!!!! Ruffles on everything!!!! Lolify all the things!!!! Don't be ita!!!! Google tutorials for everything!!!! Candy!!!! Pink!!!! Strawberries!!!! Nana Kitade!!!!
(I told you I was super excited)
 photo tumblr_mekrdqShET1rkfv4po1_1280_zpsb55e6152.jpg
 photo tumblr_mem5uzIbZs1rkfv4po1_1280_zps34655309.jpg

Things have changed quite a lot since then! Deco Lolita is now called "Over the top Sweet Lolita" and Sweet Lolita is normally referred to as "old school Sweet Lolita" (so sad!)
We have a separate community for sales.
We have new mods and admin.
I learned how to gather properly.
There is not nearly as much gossip and drama as there used to be (just a lot more trolling)
There is a lot more scamming appeared!
All the indie brands ever!
Everything must be a print! (Not everything, of course, but prints are so much more common now than they used to be!)
I now also love Classic and Sweet Lolita and a slightly sweet take on Classic Lolita (think Innocent World rather than Mary Magdalene)
I can actually sew entire garments :P With proper lining and construction and other such fancies!
Wigs and unnatural hair
False nails/lashes
Heavier makeup
Printed tights
Ric-rac and pom-poms are acceptable trims
Brands re-release prints
My keywords now: Elegance, proper construction, attention to detail, fluffy petticoat, matching accessories/hair/makeup, natural style (no wigs or exaggerated makeup)
My favorite brands: BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, Innocent World, Putumayo
 photo e7b8955c-d804-48c8-9028-e0499ffdf37a_zps32423c42.jpg
Growing up!

I haven't really been in Lolita fashion for that long I suppose, so maybe my views haven't changed that much. The style is always changing and evolving though. I'm happy for some of the changes (more indie brands, more Brand availability overseas, cheaper alternatives) and not as happy with some (gyaru influences with false everything, Deco Lolita), but I believe everybody should take the parts that they like and run with it! Besides, maybe trying something that I think I don't like will actually make me like it. Maybe next time you will see me in a Deco Lolita coordinate!!

How do you feel you have changed from when you began in Lolita fashion to now? Please share in the comments! I'm really curious about this :D Growing is such an interesting process.

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