Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chiffon in Winter for Lantern Festival

Winter has been really strange this year. It is suddenly hot, then suddenly cold! The theme randomly drawn for February, chiffon only, was very questionable as we did not know if it would be sunny, chilly, windy, etc. on the day of the meetup!

Well, it turns out it was chilly and windy!!! Nonetheless, six brave souls wore chiffon print dresses on that day!!!  (I personally wore two petticoats and opaque tights as well as safety shorts for warmth as well...)

Do you know the best way to keep warm on a chilly day?  Take action photos.  Specifically, jumping photos!

NiYa, Laina, Neco, Amelie, DORO, me
Camera of Amelie
Photo by Laina's husband
Before that though, remember to fuel up on some delicious Japanese pancakes!  We met up at 九州鬆餅/Kyushu Pancake Taiwan where we'd pre-ordered our pancakes and waffles so we didn't even have to wait for service. It's incredibly popular, so make sure to reserve seats!
Tiramisu pancake
I didn't manage to get a photo of everything, but we got two of the matcha ones and two people ordered savory dishes.
Caramel Banana Waffle
Matcha Mountain Pancake
Just look at those layers!
 There was some event where the matcha pancake order + a beverage would get you a gift! Since we'd placed two matcha orders and several girls had ordered drinks, we got two gifts!  For some reason, the gift was nail polish. I'm not sure how that fits the theme, but the nail polishes were beautiful!

Prop model Taiwan Teddy 

Camera by Amelie
Photo by Laina's husband
We took a group photo outside and then headed to the nearby art and historic buildings area to take more photos.

Braving the cold to show my entire outfit
Outfit Rundown:
KC: Alice and the Pirates
Top: Little Dipper
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Petticoats: Classical Puppets
Bag: Swimmer Japan

Camera by Amelie
Photo by DORO

Return of the dinosaur
 Afterward four of us headed to the Sanrio sale again haha! I didn't buy anything more, but I loved looking around!

Then I went home to celebrate Lantern Festival with my mom. Well, we just ate tangyuan and yuanxiao and I revived her gmail account, but we didn't go out to see any sky lanterns or anything ^^;

How has your winter been? Though it is summer in the southern hemisphere so I suppose some of you are trying to stay cool!  

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