Monday, February 6, 2017

Sales Purchases and Sushi Time

There is an ongoing sale at a local building basement with tons of Sanrio and Disney licensed goods as well as children's toys! I went yesterday with Kamiko "just to have a look around." ^u^v  Well, you can guess how well that went??  I honestly think I did a really good job of not buying too much! While it was tempting to buy and resell some items, I did not do that either.

See if you can spot my purchases in this before/after (not counting my jacket - it became cold at night!)
Outfit Rundown:
Top: Little Dipper
Petti (it's really a skirt): Classical Puppets
Bag: Swimmer Japan
Socks: Secret Shop
Casual and easy outfit for the day. I like this type of JSK with a full-elastic back as it is comfortable and easy to wear all day.  Special Sets and Happy Packs tend to have this design in order to cater to a wider variety of sizes.

 The sale items ranged from 10%-70% off!  Photography was forbidden inside. Not that it was very photogenic - everything was in stacks, mostly unorganized, so it took a LOT of digging to find items. Also, oftentimes the same item would have different prices, as if the staff just stuck the prices on randomly. Sometimes one item would vary by as much as NT$200 (US$6.66)!! That's over an hour and a half of minimum wage work @_@;

I found a clip-on Pikachu accessory for $199, down from $650 (US$21.66) and bought it! I'd seen it previously at other shops, but it was too expensive at the time. I felt lucky to find it, as it was the only one and was actually misplaced among some other toys rather than with the Pokemon items.
My companion
And I'm sure you've noticed the other item I bought, the Hello Kitty bag! I'd been looking for a bag about the size of my Swimmer Japan bag, but in black to go with Gothic styles. 

There were several tokidoki for Hello Kitty bags, but even the mid-size ones were over NT$1000, and the ones in the size and design I liked were over NT$2000!
Secret snap
Just look at the cute x cute combination!!

Then I saw the clutch version of this "cloud-shape speech bubble design" bag, and then the mid-size (roughly the size of most structured Lolita bags, such as iconic IW strawberry bag, BTSSB heart bag, etc.), but they were too small.  Also, the "bubbles" or "bumps" around the perimeter actually creeped me out at first! However, when I happened upon this large size, the larger bumps didn't give me the goosebumps that the smaller ones did. It may have to do with 密集恐懼症/Trypophobia (DO NOT GOOGLE THAT if you have it! I had to do a Google search to find the English term as it's much more difficult to remember the Chinese name, which literally means "crowded/intensive/clustered fear disorder" and the suggested images that pop up at the top are all examples of things people with trypophobia fear. Good job, Google.)

Sorry for going a bit off topic

Anyway, so I waffled about it for a long time because I've already gone over my fashion/accessories budget for this month since I bought an artisan choker on Feb. 1 (hey, it was half-off!) but I will just scale back next month's budget, since New Year tends to be the season of sales and a good time to buy things!  The staff was nice and let me open the package to see how the inside of the bag was. It was roomier than I initially thought, so I bought it!
 Simple and cute, I really like it! It was also just NT$789 and brand new with tags. Some of the other bags there had been opened or damaged by other shoppers or neglect in storage. Since many came from department stores, it seems some were display pieces and so showed signs of wear or light damage.

I also took a secret snap of a Pokemon cake set, but it is microwave only!  Only $199 but I cannot use it...

After an intensive couple hours of digging, Kamiko and I went for sushi at Kura Sushi!  The service is really great there, similar to Japan, which I suppose should be expected as it is a Japanese brand that has extended to Taiwan. At NT$40 a plate, it's the best sushi for lower cost I've had so far!  However, it is imperative to book in advance as it is extremely popular!

That's all for this random post ^u^v  I'm not sure if it's interesting at all, but I've realized that since I like seeing others post more "daily life" posts, maybe I should do my own as well!

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