Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Galentine's or Valentine's Day!

Happy Galentine's Day!  Or Valentine's Day! A couple days ago, I was watching a Youtube video and the video creator mentioned something called "Galentine's Day," which is a fake holiday invented in the USA and celebrated on Feb. 13. The idea is that girls get together and have waffles for brunch. It doesn't matter whether you are single, dating, married, divorced, etc. It's just a time for women to get together and have fun and love each other!

Though it fell on a Monday this year, I did get together with Kamiko for brunch... at dinner.

I also tried a "cut crease" eyemake for the first time! I think it turned out pretty well considering it was my first time.
First cut crease!
Eyebrows seem too warm for me though T^T
And eyes open:

We went to an American restaurant, N.Y. Bagel and got brunch!  I'm not sure how they do their breakfast potatoes, but they are SO good!

Featuring: no bagels
 For some reason, N.Y. Bagel had gachapon, and it was $10 cheaper than usual, so I treated myself to a Pokemon one and got 球球海獅, the new water starter Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon
My favorite is the grass-type owl, but this one has a cute pose and I still like it. 

Today is the real Valentine's Day here, and I made some strange things while procrastinating my work.  I tried making these sweet dumplings out of sweet potato. It's very easy and turned out quite tasty!

Then I made yeast-raised waffles for the first time. They turned out quite good as well.  I used coconut oil because I don't have butter, but the smell of coconut oil really makes me nauseous @_@;; Fortunately, only the cooking process was smelling strongly. After they cooled, the smell wasn't terrible and they still tasted great!
 Because I am single, I just am treating myself.
Pro tip: Don't check social media if you had a bad breakup/your ex cheated on you/etc.  Focus on yourself for today if Valentine's Day is observed in your country.

Extra pro tip: Don't hate on other people or try to ruin their fun just because you are jealous. Ruining somebody else's happiness doesn't increase your own!

 Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers!  Love yourself, love your friends, and love your significant other if you have one!

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