Sunday, February 26, 2017

First Market Experience at Spring Harajuku Market!

Yesterday I went to a pop-up Spring Harajuku Market where I was a vendor! I split a table with my friend Kamiko. It was a very small and affordable market where the theme is, as the name implies, Harajuku fashions. This market in particular allows both secondhand and handmade items. The majority of the vendors seemed to be Lolita and Gyaru styles, with a couple of Punk/Goth items thrown into the mix.

It was a rainy, overcast day, as this entire long weekend has been.  I did a very simple makeup using one palette (Estee Lauder travel limited)

All Estee Lauder except the foundation and concealer
This lipstick did not wear well at all!!
I also wore a new outfit I made! It's a military-inspired Punk Goth Lolita type look. It's my first military-style dress and I quite like it! Unfortunately the punk plaid print on the skirt is out of print and I bought a scrap roll to make this T^T It is the same print as my red Punk Lolita skirt.

Outfit Rundown:
KC, JSK, choker: handmade by me
Top: Little Dipper
Petticoats: Classical Puppets
Everything Else: offbrand

The market itself was in an office-type building, in a classroom.  So the tables and space was VERY small and crowded, but the entrance fee for patrons was only NT$100, and the vendor fee was only NT$400 so it's a good place to dig for treasures and also a good place to sell any clothes you are not wearing any more.

Kamiko and I split our table pretty much down the middle.  I also kept rearranging my side of the table haha! 

Surprisingly, my very first sale was that Qipao Lolita dress you can see peeking out the very bottom!  The auntie who bought it intended to give it to her daughter in Germany, and whose husband is German. Interesting new home! They also bought a bat wings hair clip from me as well.

I was most surprised that I actually sold out of all my bat wings hair accessories! One of the vendors at the table next to ours actually asked to commission one more because she wanted a pair but there was only one left! I've got none of this fabric left so I gave her my Shopee (selling app) account so I can send her one of the ones I have at home. I did not expect any Gothic or Punk items to sell well so I did not bring all my stock.

All patrons and vendors were given stamp cards and there was an ongoing game throughout the event to find "secret" staff who would stamp your card if asked, so you had to just talk to many people ^^  Then, half an hour before closing, there was a prize drawing and anybody who had achieved five stamps was entered to draw prizes donated by the vendors!  It's a nice way to add some fun to the event, I think.

Afterward, I went out to dinner with the other Lolitas in my group of friends who had also attended (Laina and Niya were also vendors and Neco was a patron)

We went to Magic Curry and had.... curry!  Shocking!

It was pretty good, but they don't let you adjust the spiciness level.  They just give you extra sauce you need to mix in by yourself (it is good spicy sauce, though!)

Sorry I didn't get more photos of the market. Being a vendor, I was a bit tied down ^_~ and it was too crowded to really get a photo without getting other patrons in it.  I did end up making a small profit, and managed to sell off about half my clothes/accessories!

  I think this type of market is good for beginner Lolitas and Gyaru who would like to see if the style is fitting without spending too much. Being able to see the clothes in person is also safer than buying online.  The prices here can be shockingly low, such as a dress for NT$100-300, and if lucky, Brand dresses for less than NT$1000.  

Anyway, I also feel more confident is selling my handmade goods now. It was a good starting point here for me.  Now I need to make more items to sell next time!

Bonus: My really fast makeup!  I'm still learning to edit video so it's just for fun ^_~
It's just brown shadow all over, black at the lashline and extended a bit, brow and inner corner highlight, and black liner, mascara, (terrible) lipstick.

Hope you all have a great day with better weather than we have here!

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