Friday, February 10, 2017

Pokemon Makeup

Daily wear Pokemon makeup.
EDIT: so it turns out bloglovin' doesn't post to blogger. I thought it would. So here is a copy and paste! I won't be using the bloglovin' posting.

I'm testing out the new bloglovin' posting system so here's some text and some Pokemon makeup looks I've done in the past!

These are the "daily wear" version. I've not done SFX or at makeup before so though I have ideas, I've not done any yet!


It appears that I can only add one photo at a time despite being allowed to choose multiple. Also the keyboard keeps disappearing as I try to type and edit. Not loving this update!


Also I don't see a way to add a cut to the post!

Second attempt at Meowth. Don't like it much to be honest.
OK this mobile posting is really glitchy so I won't post the rest. Check out my non-lolita instagram @white_bones to see the rest (plus a ton of random other looks) or the tag #神奇寶貝妝
Hope this posting method gets better! For now I'll stick to on my computer...
What's your favorite Pokemon color scheme ? Not necessarily the Pokemon but how its colors work together. My immediate thoughts are Milotic and Xerneas! Beautiful colors

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