Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lolita Market over 228 Weekend

Over the long weekend, there was another market!  The one I'd attended as a vendor was Harajuku theme, and this one was specifically Lolita themed. Last year I attended as well!

The weather has been insufferably gloomy, and I was at home feeling very depressed and originally didn't want to go, but Neco convinced me to go out as it'd make me feel better.  And it did!!  Though I was rather hasty in getting ready so I wore an all-black ensemble for simplicity's sake:
Outfit Rundown:
JSK: Putumayo
Outer: Mad Punks
Bag: Ozz Angelo
Petticoats: Classical Puppets
The salon was as crowded as ever, and rather hot!  Beats being cold and clammy though!  Luckily, the rain had stopped that day so there were more customers.

I managed to get a snap that doesn't show anybody's face ^u^v
Though I was not intending to spend any money, I ended up buying three Kreepsville666 eyeball bows because I've wanted them for a long time!!

Excuse the photo, I took this at night when I couldn't sleep and didn't look presentable so I used my hair as a necklace instead, haha!

Afterward, Laina and I headed to a Japanese food expo that I'd happened across on my way home after Saturday's Harajuku market. (Neco couldn't find parking for her scooter so she went home early)

It's right in the middle of Taipei Main Station, so there are people everywhere!  Unfortunately, we arrive late enough that everything was sold out!!!!
All the street food we missed out on
 It appears we arrived mere seconds too late, as my main target, Osaka-style takoyaki, was marked as "Sold Out" while Chef was making the last batch O_Q
Nooo!!!!  Last batch is already spoken for!!!
Laina and I did get to try out the matcha grinder they had set up though!  It's pretty interesting. I think salt used to be ground up by hand this way as well.  There is a legend about a magical salt grinder than would grind salt upon command for a kind man, but his greedy brother stole the grinder and tried to sail away with it. When he asked for salt for his food, he found he did not know the command to ask the grinder to stop, and the salt overflowed and sank his ship.  The magical grinder was lost and continues to grind salt in the ocean to this day, which is why the ocean is salty.
Violet: "... I just wanted matcha, not your legend of salty oceans..."
 Ha! So there is a tangent for you!  Magical salt grinders are definitely not the reason the ocean is salty, but that was what this matcha grinder reminded me of! You just put some toasted tea leaves in the hole at the top and turn the crank!  The matcha spills out from the bottom when it is small enough to fall out.  Then you use the brush to sweep it to the funnel at the front for collection.

Overall, I'm really glad Neco convinced me to get out and go to the market. I enjoyed myself and got to see lots of pretty Lolitas and brolitas and look at pretty dresses and accessories!

Hope the weather is nice where you are!  What's your favorite type of tea?  I'm really torn between Pu Er tea, Chinese green tea, and Japanese matcha.  I'm greedy like that ^_~

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