Sunday, March 12, 2017

Munchtime Meetup!

Can you believe it's March already?  We just had our March meetup on  the 11th where the theme was "eating!"  So you just had to have a character and a food on the same print.  Super easy!

I also tried out a new style of makeup that I was really iffy about and didn't initially like but everybody else seemed to like it @_ @

New makeup style
I was wearing my Usakumyachan JSK (it has bears and berries!) so I decided to go for a "rabbit makeup" paired with bear ears, making me a bear pretending to be a rabbit, just like Usakumyachan!

Even though my makeup changes every single time I put it on, I normally am just changing the eyeshadow colors and patterns or eyeliner styles.  This time, I changed up my eyebrows!!!  And, in my opinion, it made a HUGE difference!  I filmed myself putting the makeup on in a tutorial style so I could see how it affected how I look and I never expected it to be so different?  It may not look like a big change to others, but it seems completely odd to me.

Though I'm in the process of editing the film, I may or may not end up ever even posting it because it's not very good.

Either way, everybody at the meetup said it looked good and I should try it more often though.  Maybe I'll practice doing eyebrows more in the future.  I actually like my natural eyebrows shape, but I just wanted more innocent and drooping eyebrows for this bunny-style makeup!

Anyway, we had coupons for an afternoon tea that we've actually been to before!

Shiro's daughter gets a censor because she's underage and therefore unable to give consent about being publicly posted :P  But she was also wearing Lolita and fit the theme!  She's absolutely adorable.

The food was really good!  Got to taste many different varieties of sweets and desserts.  Because it is strawberry season now, many of the snacks included strawberries in them.

The location was in a hotel so we took photos in the lobby, haha!

And it's been ages since we've done shoe and finger shots!!! Check out Doro's shoes with the double-pink ribbons and everybody's elaborate tights.  I adore such printed tights, but because I tear them a lot, I'm afraid to spend so much money on them if they'll just rip after a couple of wears O_Q

We are teh super star!

We are lucky that it did not rain that day, as it had been pouring the night before!  It was a great meetup and I cannot wait for next month!

What is your favorite one-bite dessert?  I think miniature fruit tarts have got to be my favorite.  Strawberry or blueberry, they're just so yummy!

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