Monday, March 13, 2017

Craft Along Goth It Yourself! Rhymes with "That"

There's a delightful blog I follow called "Goth it Yourself" which is exactly as the title sounds: the author takes regular items and turns them into Gothic creations.  This month's Craft Along theme was "Rhymes with 'that'" and I took this opportunity to revamp my black "flats" and join in the fun!

While these shoes are cheap and comfortable, the ribbon often comes undone and the metal ends swing around, hitting my ankles.  I started out by snipping the stitching keeping the suede material on.

Next, I decided I wanted a skull stud to cover where the stitching had been, and so used an awl to puncture the material without cutting it.

After inserting the back of the stud from the inside, it was a simple matter of screwing the skull on.

I added some basic pyramid studs to either side.  They easily pierced the faux leather shoe and I used a thimble to protect my fingers as I pressed the point ends of the studs down.
Everything needed to Goth a pair of flats yourself!
 I am extremely pleased with the new look to these flats!   While I had considered spikes, they didn't seem fitting with flats, so I opted for the pyramid studs instead.

While not exactly a tutorial, I hope you found this post inspirational and can Goth up something yourself!  Also be sure to follow Goth it Yourself blog!

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