Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rapunzel's Lookbook~ Heatless Waves

I love adding texture to my super straight hair, but don't like using heat stylers.  I also have rather long hair (which I recently cut, as mentioned in my previous post) so in these photos my hair is over 60cm long!

Many curl patterns don't work on such lengths of hair, but here is one I've been using since grade school that has always worked well for me and is easily adjustable to all lengths of hair and a wide variety of looks!

Today I opted for looser waves

*hair binders

Step 1: Braid hair in sections.  Mist each section of hair with water (or light hair spray if you feel you need the extra hold.) I used a basic three-strand braid to make three braids on either side of my head, forming six total. Since I'b been planning on wearing a middle part the  next day, I use a middle part while forming the braids.  As you can see, I did a Dutch braid in the first two sections leading into an English braid.  This gives more volume at the roots.

Note! The thinner you make your braids, the more crimped it will look!  Try 10 or 12 braids for a voluminous, crimped look!

Step 2 (op): Braid braids together.  This one applies more if you've got long hair to prevent them from tangling around as you sleep.

The glories of no makeup, no filter, and exhaustion! Very Vogue!
  Step 3: Go to bed! If you've got a Pokemon to cuddle with, all the better~

 Step 4: Unbraid and you're done!  Well, you may need to brush out any little kinky bits near the ends with your fingers, but you'll be left with lots of beautiful waves to style as you wish.
Now with 100% more deco!
Note: I would suggest using a mousse with this hairstyle to keep it light and airy. I had only hair wax and though it did keep most of the waves, it also seemed to weight the hair down a bit.  Hairspray could also be a good choice if you've got a light-hold one!

Hope you all enjoyed this simple tutorial on changing up your hair!  It seems we always want opposite what we get! I have straight hair and want wavy hair, curly hair girls seem to want straight hair, but really, we should all just love what we were born with (and then use little tricks to style it the way we want, ha!)

What type of hair do you have? Do you like it most of the time, or is it unruly and a monster you wrestle with?

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