Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tiana's Kitchen~ Cauliflower Crust

Common in western cooking communities, I finally gave cauliflower a try as a replacement for processed carbohydrates!

The sudden turn for chilly weather has me all wrapped up in a cocoon wishing for warm, toasty comfort foods without the post-binge weight gain.  After simplifying many recipes I've found online, I decided to give this one a try.

It is a tedious process, but worked surprisingly well!  The ingredients I used may be more simple, but many items are not so common here compared to the west (what is nutritional yeast???) with the most exotic "trendy" food being chia seeds.

This recipe is based off of Chocolate-Covered Katie (definitely recommend her) but scaled for my equipment available

The crust is surprisingly firm and holds up well if you don't get it wet (as with regular flour pizza-crust)

I would like to use this to make sandwhiches as well.  The wringing process is the most tiring, but if possible, making a larger batch on the weekend would make this recipe a good, healthy replacement for processed breads in the cabinet. Unfortunately my food processor and toaster oven can only make one of these mini batches at a time so I need to make a fresh batch each time want it!

As a side note, the cheese topping on the pizza was also something I made myself.  I think I over-salted it though.... The flavor was heavy!

What's your favorite type of pizza?  And if anybody has other low-processed carbohydrates recipes to share, please do!

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