Saturday, March 11, 2017

Beauty Review: Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect

Drugstore beauty is my calling in life, but many of the western brands end up far more expensive here than they are in the USA.  A Maybelline mascara that costs US$8.99 is around US$13 (NT$380) here!

So I went on a hunt to find brands I've not explored before.  And since I've been writing product reviews on another beauty site, I figure I'll write the English versions here on my blog!

My first try was this:

艾森絲睫毛公主 魔法睫毛膏
Originally NT$139 I got it on sale for NT$99!  And yes, I was very much influenced by the packaging.
Made in Germany
Princess Packaging!
As elegant as the packaging is, the wand is LONG!  This makes it more difficult to control than shorter mascara wands.  It was't too terrible for me, and the bristles at the end weren't too bushy so there was a bit of room for error as I got used to using this.

I am not a huge mascara snob, so the only things I look for in a mascara are:
*easy to apply
*easy to remove
*doesn't clump or flake
*doesn't droop my lashes (even when uncurled)

I'm not too fussy about length, volume, or extreme curl.

Here is a photo of the mascara after a full day's wear (the lower lashes have some spotting from application and was there all day ^^;  It's not from wear and tear)

From the side view, my lashes are slightly more lifted than normal.  I have downward pointing lashes so this may look like "droopy" to some, but it's "lifted" for me!!

doesn't smudge or flake
easy to apply and remove
cute packaging
slight lift

not much curl
long wand takes getting used to

Overall, I rated it a four out of five and would repurchase again. Though in the meantime, I'm going to still try out other mascaras!

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