Monday, March 4, 2013

Bunnies in Lolita

A while back one of the local Lolitas here posted a compilation of Lolitas in mascot suits (or mascots in Lolita fashion?) but I put off posting this for a long time because I know combining alternative interests is sort of a hot-button topic for many people, and has come up in secrets communities and the main EGL community.

Some people may view all mascot or animal suits/furries as fetishes (similar to how some people view all alternative fashion like Lolita as fetishes) so I've placed the image under a cut. Please don't click unless you are sure you can be a civil-minded person who doesn't assume people who dress differently from you must have some form of inappropriate fetish!

The bunnies are all in a pretty "kawaii" style similar to Cherry Berry Bunny and one that looks like it might actually be a mascot for something who happens to be wearing a Lolita dress (does anybody recognize it? It's the third one down). I think they look like life-size stuffed animals and are really cute!

I'm not a furry, though I do follow a fursuit construction community on livejournal because I like to see the work that goes into creating them!

 photo 7415fc99tw1e23gbd0aqdj_zps3b74ac5e.jpg

The censored one wasn't a very good Lolita or suit, so I covered it with a sticker ^^;

While on the topic of cross-interest combinations, what would you like to combine with Lolita fashion if you knew nobody would judge you for it?

Personally, I'd want to do Pokemon Lolita Gjinka, Dinosaur Lolita, and Cyber Lolita. Though all three have been done before to varying levels of welcome/disgust and success/failure, it's the people who aren't afraid to experiment that help fashion move forward! Or at the very least, who are able to enjoy themselves fully