Friday, March 15, 2013

Seriously Matching

Matching drinks to your outfit!
I decided to use drinks that Taiwan is known for to introduce some culture as well

The first drink is one that everybody should be familiar with:
Boba Milk Tea
I love to get boba milk tea with the large pearls, hot, and sugar-free. They are so readily available from any of the many beverage shops that line the streets of Taiwan.
Boba Milk Tea

The milk tea is usually an ivory color and frothy from the mixing. I chose a lacey, ruffle blouse in an ivory shade and then paired it with a similarly colored Lolita skirt with a dark print to represent the boba at the bottom of the cup.
The socks are continued to be the milk tea color, and then I have two pairs of shoes because I think this look can work with either brown "boba" shoes, or blue shoes. What is the blue throughout this outfit? It is the straw! The colorful boba straws can be brought throughout the look from top to bottom with accessories. Blue in the hair, on the wrist stoppers and jewelry, and shoes if you want. I chose metal-theme rings for the "glass" of the cup. Normally, we actually get the boba milk tea in plastic go-cups, but in sit-down restaurants you can get a fancy glass instead!

The next most famous drink of Taiwan is:
Papaya Milk

Papaya Milk

Papaya milk is lovely and summery, so I made a summery coordinate. It also uses mainly offbrand clothing. The sheer blouse can be worn with a white base on the inside. I like papaya milk smoothies, so the white dots made e think of ice crystals. Even though papaya milk is all one color, that would be boring, so I added black like the papaya seeds in the accessories. The earrings and ring and bracelet have more "seedy" feel with the beads.

Azuki Matcha Milk Tea
This is one of my favorite drinks to get from a beverage shop by my school! Azuki and matcha are a common pairing for everything from waffles and ice cream to drinks and cakes!
Azuki Matcha Milk Tea

The layered look is really pretty, though that does make it more difficult to translate into an outfit without looking blocky. I used a milk-color JSK with a brown print as a starting point and some matcha green accessories and a top. The purse I hope can bring the matcha color through to lower parts of the coordinate so it doesn't seem like it's only in the top portion.
The socks are reddish-brown like azuki beans with brown shoes. The jewelry was also chosen to match the azuki and milk colors.
This one was definitely more difficult to come up with a coordinate, but I think it looks OK :)

What is your favorite drink?

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