Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Trend Forecasting

Spring 2013 is coming up quick!

And the topic of this week's Lolita Blog Carousel is "Spring Trendcasting: What you would like to see in spring"!

I would love to see more intricate jewelry, especially rings!
multi-finger rings, large, chunky rings, detailed rings, moving parts, etc.! Small accessories are a really great place to add some personal touch or style.

More half-bonnets, as they allow your hair style to show while still maintaining a bonnet look. They are good for keeping the warm sun off your face in an elegant and lovely way.

Floral headbands
They look so lovely and pretty for spring! And are fairly easy to find in mainstream stores as well as DIY. Floral accents on straw hats are great, too!
Floral Headbands

Layered cuts like flower petals
I actually couldn't find a very accurate example of what I want, but here are some similar ideas!

Mixed textures in fabric and trims
Chiffon ruffles over a simple cotton print or solid, beading lace layered with edging or Venice lace, or more other fun combinations!

Pastel nail polish (fingers and toes!)
Ok, so this isn't actually a fashion trend, but pastel nails are cute!

Glass socks and lace socks
Glass socks/tights and lace socks are much cooler than regular cotton socks and allow you to keep your legs covered if you prefer not to wear ankle socks. I personally really like ankle socks with a cute lace trim at the top, though!

Lovely knee-socks that are half-normal and half-glass. These would last longer than the delicate all-glass socks!

Here is a collage of the trends put together:
Spring Trend

The petal cut is a lot more petals than I envisioned, but I think it would be a lovely fairy/floral effect. The side-print shoes look really nice, too I think :)

What trends would you like to see?
Feel free to share in the comments!

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