Friday, March 8, 2013

Favorite Accessory

What separates a good coordinate from an excellent coordinate?
In my opinion, accessories can really add that extra bit of "wow" to any coordinate! For daily wear, I normally forget accessories (mostly because mine are out of sight), but for events and such, you may want to bust out your best jewelry, hair accessories, wrist stoppers, sock toppers, and all that other jazz!

It's difficult to pick a favorite accessory, so I'm cheating and choosing two!
1. Hair Accessory
Having some form of headdress, hair bow, ribbon, canotier, headband, or hat can really make your hair much more interesting. You don't need to have a very fancy hair style if you have a lovely hairpiece as the highlight instead.

Simple hair accessories can easily be found in regular accessory stores, or you can make specifically Lolita ones yourself!
Hair accessories

OK, so the pipe headband might not fly with every coordinate, but I just thought it was really cute and unique :P

2. Rings
Unique rings are really lovely and add a nice touch of glamour to your hands. They're really great for when you're taking finger-star photos at a meetup, and to compliment your nail polish/nail art. Even if you have plain, clean nails, a ring (or several) can make your hands seem more elegant or cute. Plus, with so many fingers, you can wear many rings!

Rings are my favorite jewelry because they are easy to add on, easy to coordinate, and don't get in the way of sleeves/sleeve stoppers like bracelets, don't needs clasps like necklaces, and don't require pierced ears (or pinched ears, if you are wearing faux earrings!). You can actually make your own rings out of wire fairly easily, too!

You can also wear quirky or "theme" rings without them throwing off your whole coordinate the way a larger piece might, so break out the mustache or deer-head rings!

What is your favorite accessory and why? Please share in the comments! I like to know others' thoughts, too!

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