Friday, March 29, 2013

Classy and Wild

Animals play a big part in fashion, no doubt about it. The most commonly seen prints in mainstream fashion is probably leopard and zebra print with the occasional giraffe thrown in.
In Lolita fashion, teddy bears and bunny rabbits definitely feature prominently in prints and as "ears" on cardigans. Innocent world has a few "forest" animal prints that include other small, cute rodents and nearly every brand has a version of Swan Lake and carousels. Birds have made a few appearances as well.

The Lolita Blog Carnival theme for this week is to choose an animal and create a coordinate around it. I decided to do the "national animals" of Taiwan: The Formosan black bear and Formosan blue magpie.
Formosan Black Bear
Hunted for medicine (notably the paws) and due to habitat loss, the Formosan Black Bear is an endangered species. The most notable thing about this animal is the light color moon crest on its chest. In my coordinate, I kept it black with a white focus on the chest area on the cutsew and then some white detailing on the jacket and socks to help balance it out a little.
Formosan Black Bear

The claw jewelry is just for fun :P I thought they were interesting!
The bear motif jewelry is my "real" coordinate idea ;)

Formosan Blue Magpie
A lot of the animals seem to just be called Formosan -insert animal here- like the Formosan clouded leopard and Formosan sika deer. Whoever came up with the English names wasn't very creative!
Anyway, here is another Taiwanese animal, which I believe was also voted to be a "national animal" but isn't as recognized officially.
Formosan Blue Magpie

This was more difficult to come up with a coordinate because of its coloring. I'm not sure how well the blue and orange worked together or if it seems too blocked out or anything... I put two bag/clutch options because I couldn't choose!

What is your favorite animal?
My favorite is actually really difficult to choose... maybe grizzly bear or timber wolf!

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