Monday, March 11, 2013

Fashion Week at ShihChien University

Last week was Fashion Week at my school. Even though my partner and I didn't make it into the finals and our score wasn't very good, I still quite like the two outfits I made.

Yesterday we had a real photoshoot and I will post the photos from that when I am done editing them!

Here is a preview of the line:
 photo IMG_1334_zps46b962c0.jpg
I made the two outfits on the left and my partner made the two outfits on the right.
Our theme was Dream-Eating Tapirs in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have to be put into an induced coma and live their lives through dreaming (similar to The Matrix) due to their destructive nature and the dream-eating tapirs are now in charge of maintaining the dream world, protecting their cities from the mutant insects in the real world, and collecting the dreams from the humans to survive.

My teacher didn't like the blue skirt I made, so in the photoshoot I redid it with black netting, which shows the layered pants on the inside more clearly anyway.

The hair and makeup were all done by me. I'm not exactly an expert, so in the later close-up photos you will probably be able to see the flaws!

For Second Year at ShihChien, we were "experimental" and many of the other groups had very extravagant and artistic lines! I'm personally better at ready-to-wear and not good at extreme wearable art, so I'm not surprised that our line was said to look "flat" in comparison. Next year, we need to do more wearable, yet creative lines, so I hope to do better!