Friday, April 18, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Your First Lolita Item

Oh boy, it's been quite some time since I've done a Lolita Blog Carnival post, but this was too good to pass up!

Five years ago, BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT opened up lucky packs to overseas buyers. It was... a completely chaotic mess of frantic clicking, overloaded systems, and accidental leaks.

The original page on EGL is here if you want to see our madness

I hadn't been planning on buying anything, but after being in the thread and commenting around I got pretty excited and then went on the BABY site just to check it out. Eventually I was just putting a lucky pack in the cart to see what it'd cost, but then the system screwed up and let several of us order about half an hour to an early for a few minutes. Yes, I was one of those people ^^;

Also, I got TWO in my cart because the system was messing up so much. They shut the shopping system again until the PROPER ordering time, which was midnight in Japan's time zone, but a few of us had already ordered and got confirmation emails so our orders were still valid. BABY later did another round of lucky packs to make up for the fiasco of the first round and forbade anybody who had ordered early from ordering in the second round, but hey, it makes for a great story!

I got two of the same lucky pack, but the main dress was in two different colors (pink and black) so that's nice! I ended up selling a set of the hairpins, but kept everything else. They came with plain knee-high socks and a simple camisole as well as two sets of hairpins. I consider the One-Piece dresses my official first lolita item though! :D Love them still!

Here are some unflattering photos haha:

What was your first Lolita item? If you haven't started obtaining clothing yet, what would you like your first item to be?

 photo 581410_3690648225658_1684158216_n.jpg
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