Thursday, October 7, 2010

All Hallow's Eve Approaches...

Wow, we are a week into October already! Halloween is fast approaching, and I am extra excited for it this year because I have been unable to dress up for the past few years due to work 018

My favorite idea for a Halloween costume was going to be a "dead lolita". More specifically, an ita who had been killed by Lolitists. I had an idea to use my old ita dress and cover it with blood, create a parasol stab wound, cuts, bruises, messed up hair, the whole deal! Unfortunately, I never got a chance, and now I don't have any of my ita clothes with me. Not that I would have been able to go all out anyway! Halloween is mostly a holiday for children here. The English school I am working at, Joy English, has some Halloween plans and all the teachers and students are dressing up! But everybody is being relatively "tame" in their costumes. Many witches, wizards, masks, etc. Most of them have no idea why Halloween is celebrated! They just want some candy 014 But that's OK.

In order to get into the Halloween mood, I am planning on introducing some simple recipes or crafts this month on this blog! They may not be specifically "Halloween" themed, but hopefully autumn-y in general :) I will probably just wear Hime Lolita style and tell everybody I dressed up as a princess. Not the fanciest Halloween ever, but hopefully at least I can make some spooky atmosphere by myself 057