Friday, October 22, 2010

First Day of School!

"First day of school! First day of school! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!"

Yesterday was my first day of school! I was more nervous than excited I suppose. It was also dreary and rainy the whole day
I did not manage to get a snap of my outfit before heading out and getting soaked, but it was essentially this outfit with a pink cardi instead of the crochet white one:

Let's pretend it was sunny! I am very photogenic...

I wear this skirt often because it is comfortable (elastic waist) with no ribbons or bustles or anything that might wardrobe malfunction, which would be an awful first impression!

The school was huge. Multiple buildings, all several stories tall with skyways and elevators and a billion students! A real university
I have only ever attended community colleges, so of course, I got lost! It did not improve my mood when I realized that I had worn through the bottom of my white mary janes and my feet ended up soaked for several hours I will need to buy new shoes soon! Maybe white RHS...? I have been wanting to buy Rocking Horse Shoes ever since I first started Lolita fashion!

But I digress. My class is very small, only 8 students, 2 of whom did not show up for the first day of class! I am taking Flat Fashion Drawing (technical flats) and all my classmates seem very nice and friendly. The teacher is also funny and friendly, and was very understanding of my substandard Chinese skills I can understand enough to follow along in class, though!

Hopefully I will be able to learn to do technical flats PROPERLY and be able to show some of my designs I have for my clothing line!